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Jan/Feb 2016

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The Source
Life Enrichment Center

Rhonda K. Leifheit, Director
2726 Ellendale Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63143

Reading & Regressions
Discovering our personal source of inspiration and truth may take us in many directions, but one thing is certain – ultimately the search leads us within. THE SOURCE Life Enrichment Center is designed to facilitate awareness of our true nature and spiritual source; to enrich the experiences of this life by understanding our soul's purpose; and to know love in its highest expression.
the source life enrichment center
About Rhonda Leifheit
Rhonda began giving Readings in 1979. Since then she has given thousands of Readings for people in forty-nine states and six foreign countries. Rhonda has been in private practice in St. Louis since 1981. In addition to her individual consultations, Rhonda offers classes in personal development at St. Louis area universities. She is author of a 44-week program of Spiritual Growth Classes, and has been a guest speaker to self-esteem groups, college classes, churches, singles groups and yoga classes. She has been interviewed on television and radio programs in Illinois and Missouri, and is a contributing author to New Age Living Magazine and Pathfinder News.

She has practiced and taught metaphysical principles since 1975 when she began her studies at the School of Metaphysics in Columbia, MO. This included the practice of meditation, concentration, visualization, mind/body connection and dream-work. With additional training she learned to read the Akashic Records (of past lives) and then expanded her abilities to give Health and Career Readings.

Rhonda is certified in Hypnosis by the National Guild of Hypnotists and in Transformational Imagery by the Well-Being Center. She holds a BSW from the University of Missouri in Columbia.    top
Rhonda Leifheit

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Life planning can begin very early. . .
Inter-Life: the Soul's Vision Before Birth
© 2009 by Rhonda Leifheit

Appeared in the Jan/ Feb 2010 issue of the Pathfinder.

Also see article, "Emotions: the Native Language of Empaths" in the Jul/Aug 2012 issue of Pathfinder.
Imagine that, before you were born, your soul made choices – decisions about where you would be born, the family you'd be born to, and the life lessons your soul needed in order to grow.

Imagine that free of fear and supported by wise spirit guides, you were able to peer into the possibilities of life, and choose circum- stances that could further your soul's growth.
    Some people, when faced with the concept of choosing this life, respond with, "What was I thinking? Why would I have chosen this?" We must remember that these choices were made, not by the ego or personality, but by the soul in a state of higher awareness, what Joel Whitton, MD and past life therapist refers to as "meta- consciousness." (His book, "Life Between Life," published in 1986 is a classic on this topic.)
    For the soul, it does not matter whether you chose a life of magnitude (power, influence, and riches) or simplicity (to provide for a family in a loving environment). One is not better than another: rich or poor, handsome or homely, healthy or handicapped. The lessons of the soul have little to do with outer appearances or material success, but more to do with cultivating the soul qualities of patience, kindness, compassion, acceptance, integrity, tolerance, honesty, and respect for all life. Before arriving at such noble qualities, one often encounters the shadow self when faced with loss, anger, disappointment, fear, prejudice, self- destructiveness and guilt.
    In the cycle of death and rebirth (also known as re- incarnation) the soul journey includes a visit to our spiritual "home" to review the life just lived and prepare for the next. Religious traditions from around the world refer to this heavenly place using various terms. Buddhists refer to it as bardo. Western spiritual traditions often use the term "inter-life." Of this place Rudolf Steiner said, "Life between death and a new birth is as rich and varied as life here between birth and death. . ."
    Imagine then, what it would be like to visit that place – to understand the choices made for this life, and why they were made. By understanding, from this higher perspective, our plan and purpose we can more readily find the strength, wisdom and courage to deal with life's challenges.
    For example, Mike was suffering from long- standing back pain which neither surgery nor shots had been able to fully alleviate. Over the course of several regression sessions he saw a past life as a soldier where he was forced to do brutal things. The subsequent feelings of guilt created the belief that he "deserved to suffer."
    To provide balance and relief, I suggested he return to his happiest life- time. He saw himself as a boy traveling with his family/ tribe across a beautiful grassy plain 10,000 years ago. His description of the world was rich with detail and filled with sensory delight. In this state he was (momentarily) free of pain and struggle.   top
In the inter- life he was able to see the inter- connection of lives and lessons. Feelings of invinci- bility (evident in the past lives as well as his present life) had to be balanced with respect for the limits of his body. He gained invaluable healing insight to reconnect with nature as a way to ease his pain and nourish his soul.
    While still in the inter- life, Mike was surprised to see a different path he could have chosen for this life – a life with fewer complications and challenges. Instead he chose to be with his current family in order to help them. From this soul- perspective, he recognized that he had strengths and gifts that could be put to good use. The other life would have been "easier" but would not have been the best match for what his soul needed and wanted to do. He recognized members of his present family as the "tribe" in the past life where he had a strong sense of belonging.
    As Mike continues to explore decisions made in past lives and the inter- ife, he is gaining soul-wisdom and finding greater relief for his pain.
    In conducting Past Life Regressions, I find that this journey to bardo can, indeed, provide crucial insights for understanding one's present life. Both Joel Whitton and Michael Newton (Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls) emphasize the importance of (and spend extensive time in) this inter- life exploration.
    While theories abound on how and why we choose the lives we do, it is important to keep in mind that there are no singular and simple answers to the bigger questions of life. While it appears that some souls carefully plan their next life – with the help of guides and/ or soul groups (souls with whom we journey in physical and spiritual life), souls are free to ignore advice given. Dr. Whitton notes: "While at liberty to reject (the) advice, the soul is ill-advised to scorn their counsel. For rejection of the recommen- dations means that reincarnation will take place without a ratified plan – an open invitation to a life of unproductive and unnecessary trial and hardship. To be reborn without a plan is also a matter of choice. . . " though it seems that most souls find greater contentment with a plan – even for a difficult life – than to have no plan.
    This same free will – which can be used by the soul to reject a plan or incarnate without a plan – can be used to set purposeful intentions for this life. Each and every day gives us the opportunity to make choices, to make decisions – however small or gradual – that help us shift out of patterns that are unsatisfying and move in the direction we desire. We don't have to wait until the next inter-life to exercise our God- given free will to shift. If you are feeling stuck call upon God, guides, friends, and counselors to assist, to help you see options, and to find the strengths that will move you forward.
    In his book, "Death to Rebirth," Manly P. Hall describes the soul's journey using the analogy of a diver putting on a diving suit. . . "(this suit)" is the physical body and the sea the ocean of life. At birth man assumes the diving suit, but his spirit is always connected by a line to the light above. Man descends into the depths of. . . mortality that he may find there the hidden treasures of wisdom, for experience and understanding are pearls of great price. . . When the treasure has been found. . . he is drawn back into the boat again, and taking off the heavy armor breathes the fresh air and feels free once more. Wise men realize that this incident we call life is only one trip to the bottom of the sea; that we must have been down many times before and must go many times again before we find treasure."   top
There are six types of Readings available. Each reading is designed to provide insight, objectivity and guidance to the challenges, patterns and opportunities in life. They are not predictive. Instead, they help the client understand the origin of present circumstances and to take greater charge of the life by responding more consciously. Many therapists and clients find that the Readings are a useful adjunct to the process of personal growth. Fears and patterns may be explained and talents and desires may be utilized more fully.

How The Readings Are Done
Rhonda does the readings by going into a light trance or meditative state using the client's full name. For the Past Life Readings, Rhonda accesses the Akashic Records–a vibratory level which holds information from all previous lifetimes.

Types Of Readings  top
1) PAST LIFE:   This describes the past life which is having the greatest influence on your life at this time. Details of that life are described, noting events of major impact to personal and spiritual development (crises as well as triumphs). Then the significance to your current life is described--showing the impact upon your present attitudes and circumstances. Suggestions are given for enriching the life, balancing karma and moving forward with greater choice.

2) CROSSING OF PATHS:   Here we explore that past-life connection between you and one other persons. You can discover how a previous life together is influencing your present relationship. Learn to identify unproductive patterns and address the deepest longings in your encounters with others. Suggestions are given for the greatest expression of love and healing for both individuals. Crossings can be done with spouse, child, employer, lover, parent--anyone who plays a significant role in your life.

3) PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS:   This describes past lives and their effect upon present attitudes and behaviors. Though a primary focus may be given to money and financial affairs, this Reading will also address other areas where there is a perceived "lack," such as self-worth, relationships, career, creativity and happiness. Suggestions for increasing total prosperity incorporate a spiritual outlook in terms of attitudes, emotions and behavior patterns.

4) HEALTH READING:   This gives a holistic view of your current state of health. Special emphasis is given to the mental and emotional levels to reveal underlying causes of physical concerns or dis-ease. Suggestions are given to facilitate healing spiritually as well as physically. A Health Reading can provide guidelines for holistic care but should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

5) CAREER READING:  One's career is, ideally, a source of fulfillment and self-expression--more than just the means to survival. This Reading gives an overview of present attitudes and factors within the self that can help release creativity to achieve more in the present career or the courage to make a career change. Learn how to let go of limitations and make the most of your abilities.

6) RELATIONSHIP READING:   This provides an overview and evaluation of a present relationship without going into past-life influences. Suggestions are given as to how to make the most of the relationship, create healing where it is needed, deepen communication and bring about true harmony and a deeper understanding of love. Any time of relationship can benefit from this Reading.

$80 per reading (1st hour). For longer sessions, $30 for each additional half-hour.

WHICH READING IS FOR ME?   The Readings are specialized so as to give in-depth description and understanding of the psychological and spiritual components of your life. So what happens if you have questions in several areas? You do have the opportunity to ask up to six questions in your Reading. So, for instance, you might begin with a Past Life to understand your own karmic patterns, but you could also ask questions about career or other people in your life. Keep in mind that a question about career or relationship will not go into the depth that the specific Reading would offer, but can certainly offer a degree of clarity or advice. If you have questions about your physical health, then a Health Reading is suggested (rather than just a question about it). When choosing a Reading the best approach is to trust your own intuition and know that the most important information will be addressed, regardless of the route taken.

Readings can be done in person, through the mail, or over the phone. Feel free to call 314-644-0641 to clarify any questions you might have. If you live in the St. Louis area, we can schedule a time for you to come in for the Reading.

The absentee Reading can either be done by mail (put on tape) or you can arrange to have your Reading over the phone (also put on tape). The cost of the call is your responsibility. Allow one hour for your call (approximately 40-45 minutes for the Reading and 15-20 minutes for discussion before or after).

If you are unable to be present, send a letter giving the following information: FULL NAME (first, middle, and current last name, without abbreviation and indicating Jr. or Sr.), address, phone number and date of birth. If you have a nickname or different birth name which is significant to you, please include that as well. If you are asking about another person, their full name is also needed. Please indicate the pronunciation of any unusual names. Enclose the fee as well as specific questions you would like to have addressed.   

For a Health Reading your location at the time of the Reading is needed, so a phone call will be necessary to confirm the time and location. For a Career Reading the name and address of your present or most recent employment is needed as well as your job title.  

Readings are one way to access your past lives. The other way is through a regression. Perhaps the greatest advantage to the regression is the opportunity to "see for yourself," including the more subjective experience of events, thoughts and feelings that occurred in the past life. From this perspective you might also witness any decisions you made which are still influencing your life today.

"Can anyone be regressed?" This is a common question because many people doubt their ability. Although some people have more vivid memories than others, everyone has the ability to tap into their own past lives. The keys to a successful regression are found in the client's willingness to trust, a desire to grow, and an openness to whatever comes. The most common struggle is the tendency of the conscious mind to doubt and question, "Am I making this up?" One must be willing to put such questions on hold and allow the subconscious mind to speak. What is certain is that the subconscious has information, memories and wisdom from which we can learn.

The process begins with a guided relaxation to let go of physical and mental tension. There are several approaches for actually remembering the past life, therefore I use my own intuition in guiding you back. We look for the highlights of the life--special events and people--and the impact these had on you. Specific issues can be addressed such as health concerns, relationships, phobias, desires and recurring patterns. Then we go on to explore the significance to your present life.

Sometimes the impact of a past life is recognized immediately. At other times we might leave the past and go to the afterlife (also called "bardos" or that existence in between lifetimes). Here we can call upon spiritual helpers to help understand the previous life as well as your purpose in the present life.

You might recognize where certain emotional blocks came from and be able to move beyond them. It is equally important to appreciate the growth that has taken place and the strengths and talents that have been carried into this lifetime.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION FEE   Please allow two hours for your first regression. ($140). Follow-up sessions are 1 1/2 hours ($110).

The Readings are useful in understanding your own, personal karma. The term comes from Hinduism and is best understood in the West as "cause and effect" or "reaping what we have sown." In the course of one lifetime we consistently reap the results and actions made earlier within the life. We also carry karmic patterns from one life to the next.

To further appreciate karma we must go beyond the concept of reward and punishments. This is a limited view and tends to attribute God or the "universe" as having judgmental and punitive qualities. Instead, we can view these experiences as opportunities to learn to be more accepting; to understand the connection between freedom and responsibility; and recognize our power to choose happiness. Karma can be thought of as a balancing mechanism — the need to walk in another's shoes to understand them and learn compassion.

In my experience of giving Past Life Readings there is another tendency I have observed — the tendency for patterns to be repeated from one life to the next. The past life circumstances frequently parallel the events of this life. The events themselves may differ but the attitudes, beliefs and emotional patterns carried into this life may be identical. This can account for feelings of being stuck. Yet it is we who trap ourselves–by our own decisions which were often made without conscious understanding.

Often we are too close to ourselves to see exactly how or what we are continuing to do. This is where a Reading can provide insight and objectivity. By becoming more conscious of thoughts and actions we are empowered in the realization that we can choose to learn and grow.    top

HYPNOSIS:   There are many applications for hypnosis including (but not limited to) weight loss, smoking cessation, stress reduction, building self-esteem, release of fears and blockages.

I CHING CONSULTATION:   The "I Ching" (or Book of Change) is an ancient Chinese oracle whose wisdom holds true today. A reading from the I Ching can provide specific guidance for issues, concerns, decisions as well as giving insight to life's challenging times.

INDIVIDUAL MEDITATION SESSIONS and INSTRUCTION:    This is available for those who are unable to attend classes or who prefer one-on-one study which can be tailored to their needs.

TRANSFORMATIONAL IMAGERY: This is a highly creative use of the subconscious mind, similar to hypnosis which offers the client more participation in the process. It can be used, for example, to intuitively "go inside the body" to explore the origin of physical dis-ease and discover what is needed for healing--whether that be mental, emotional or physical.

CLASSES:   A variety of classes are taught at locations around the St. Louis area. These include classes in Spiritual Growth, Meditation, Dreams, Discovering Your Life Purpose, Weight Loss and Hypnosis, Creating Total Prosperity, Past Life Exploration, and The Healing Mind.

NEWSLETTER:   Call 314-644-0641 for free quarterly newsletter with class schedule and articles.


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