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Jan/Feb 2018

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BioGenesis Healing - Vibrational Healing Treatments
Pranic Healing • Play Therapy: Meditation • Somatic Movement • Breathwork
About Barbara Ballard
Barbara Ballard is a certified practitioner of the BioGenesis® system of healing in this area. She combines BioGenesis Tools with Pranic Healing to help bring about remarkable breakthroughs and freedom from disease on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Visit for more information on these elegant tools and their healing promise.

BioGenesis - Rainbow Pyramid
Above image is of the BioGenesis Rainbow Pyramid.

BioGenesis Tools    Modern Tools, Eternal Technology
biogenesis tool group
space Image above shows (from left to right): BioAmplifier, Wings of Genesis, Flame of Genesis, BioTranslator, 8-sided Pyramid, Rainbow Pyramid (at the bottom). In the center, left to right: small BioAmplifier, BioGenesis Clear Pyramid; and the Wand of Genesis. Note that this image doesn't really do justice to the beauty of these crystal-like forms!
BioGenesis is a spiritual energy that was last used on Earth during the time of Atlantis. It was returned to mankind in 2000 by an ascended Master, Lantos.
    The BioGenesis tools are made by the finest glassmakers in Germany, according to the shapes, methods and direction handed down by Ascended Master Lantos. These lead-free glass tools are then energized to give great light according to the direction of Lantos.
    The tools are then instilled with the initial rotations of creation by Ascended Masters in miniature pyramid structures near Boulder, Colorado. Their purpose is to release negativity and to bring about harmony, light, and peace to individuals, homes, offices, and regions.


Image above is of
the Bioscillator.

   Types of BioGenesis® tools. . .
BioGenesis Pyramid (Rainbow Pyramid) – this is a "teacher" and must be placed at a high point in in the home or office to promote happiness, harmony and positive energy.

8-sided Clear Pyramid – used to bring more happiness and success into your life; may also be used as a meditation aid.

BioOscillator – Used to release negativity from individuals and from environments.

BioAmplifier – used to magnify and translate ones desires to the universe; used with other tools or devices to magnify their effects.

BioTranslator – used to set prayerful intentions, visualization or affitmations; sends our desires into the Universe so that the forces of creation can act upon them.

Wings of Genesis – place in a pitcher of purified water, allowing BioGenesis energy to infuse into the water, which may then be consumed.

BioTrinity – a new product. This is a holy symbol worn and carried by Masters from many traditions, many backgrounds. It enlivens the Ray of Knowledge, the Ray of Love and the Ray of Purity. It also provides unlimited vision of the correct path or direction one should take in life.

Flame of Genesis – a non-invasive healing tool used most often in sessions concerning injuries (old and recent), malfunctioning organs and systems; known as the "surgeon's knife."

Genesis Pendant – pendant sends out a signal to its environment to enjoy the Light of BioGenesis, worn on the body, preferably around the neck.

Shield of Genesis – comes in two sizes, large and small; the large shield worn by adults to help provide physical protection; small one for children up to age 16 or the elderly.

Wand of Genesis – used to redirct currents of energy around and throughout the body, to fill in energy gaps, and bring calmness and abundance.

Star cells – introduced by Master Lantos in 2013, they contain the energy of the Mighty Star of Genesis; used in the environment (home or office) to treat areas of disharmony and restore balance.

Wheels of Genesis – come in 9 colors, 3 wheels in each color with clockwise rays on one side, counter-clockwise on the other side; they receive and release knowledge of the Great Cosmic Spheres. . .
Demonstrations, Classes
Please call the phone number or email at the top of the page for more information, or click link.
Other Services
  Pranic Healing
Pranic Healing is a system of healing in which the world's sacred healing modalities have been integrated into a practical, effective approach that is applied to the Energy Body (layers of the Aura and the Chakras). Pranic Healing can help eliminate diseased energies such as Anxiety, Depression, Behavioral Disorders, Trauma, Allergies, Phobias, Addictions, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Arthritis, Heart Problems, Injuries.

Barbara combines Pranic Healing with BioGenesis Tools to help bring about remarkable breakthroughs and freedom from disease on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels, as well as clearing negative energies from home and offices.

Click here to see an article that appeared in a recent issue of Pathfinder.

Play Therapy
For children ages 6-18 and adults. Incorporates use of vision boards, doll house play therapy. — Art inspires, enlivens and brings our creativity to the forefront. What is so often missing in the world today is the time and peace of meditative creativity to heal our wounded beings. Also, art helps integrate the left and right brain, helping to coordinate emotions and thoughts for a wholeness and sense of joy. Even bliss. . .
Barbara Ballard's play therapy for children and adults

I am a licensed social worker listed with healthcare service providers and covered under various medicare plans, with years of experience in . . .
• Relationship issues
• Restoring family harmony
Besides my interpersonal years of counseling experience, I utilize BioGenesis tools and intuitive modalities to address. . .
• Health issues
• Abundance and prosperity concerns

Fees    Sliding scale. Call for specifics. top

chakra centers
Mar/Apr 2017 Pathfinder, reprint

Chakra clearing and . . .
Pranic Healing for Emotional and Psychological Balance
© by Barbara Ballard, MSW, LCSW
Article reprinted with author's permission. Originally published on site. Retitled from "Pranic Healing Part II." Some modification. Edited for brevity, clarity and/or flow. Editor's comments, etc. in square brackets. Illustration by S. Snyder provided by Barbara. Note: The illustration shows the basic seven chakras. Not all eleven mentioned below are shown in illustration. The other four chakras included below are indicatd by an asterisk (* ).

Pranic healing has a number of uses, one of which is to heal emotional and psychological problems. When a patient talks [with] a counselor, it is a way of releasing negative emotional energy which is often held in the mental and astral bodies. Traumas are stored in the "aura," which is the energy field around the body and also in specific energy centers known as "chakras."

Releasing these traumas can take many months or even years in traditional therapy. Combining both traditional and Pranic healing to alleviate disorders such as:

* addictions * anger * stress * phobias

* childhood traumas * compulsions

* depression * anxiety

A sense of well- being is often experienced after one session. What is distinctive about Pranic treatment is that there is a protocol developed for every illness or disorder, and is focused and has measurable effects.

Major Chakras There are eleven major chakras in the body, each with a specific psychological function [see illustration on the left].

[ ] The base [or root] chakra – at the base of the spine – is the center for self-preservation and dynamic activity in life. It is very sensitive to psychological problems. For example, depression makes this center smaller and depleted.

[ ] The sex chakra is the seat of memory problems and creativity.

[ ] The navel chakra is the center for the instinct of knowing [* ].

[ ] The meng mein chakra is like a valve above the base chakra and conducts energy flow up to the other parts of the body [* ].

[ ] The spleen chakra affects the physical and psychological energy level of an individual [* ].

[ ] The solar plexus chakra is also tied to survival, but it is the center of lower emotions and instinctive knowing. It is also the center of persistence, courage and aggressiveness. Most negative emotions sit here. An example: when someone yells at you, you may tend to protect and hold the area around your solar plexus, just between the rib cage.

[ ] The heart chakra is the center of higher emotions including peace, joy, compassion, kindness, brotherly / sisterly love [agape], patience and sensitivity.

[ ] The throat chakra is where higher creativity is located. It is the concrete mind, and where the concern for details is located, and is also connected with memory.

[ ] The ajna ["third eye"] chakra [between the brows] is the center of the higher mental faculties or the abstract mind. It is also the "will" center of the body. [ ] The forehead, brow center, is the center of cosmic consciousness, clairvoyance and lower intuition [* ].

[ ] The crown chakra is the seat of higher consciousness and intuition. It is also the center of Divine Love. This center has a deep effect on brain activity.

The Pranic process of treating mental and emotional problems involves intuitively scanning the individual's aura and chakras to determine where to cleanse and remove negative thoughts and feelings, then replace them with healthy energy. Each center is then sealed and patients are given some instructions on how to continue to enhance their healing process.


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