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Updated bimonthly: Mar/Apr 2014 issue

INSIDE … here are more articles featured in the Mar/Apr 2014 Pathfinder, cont.
space Observations of the Light, Integration into the Unknown, pg 10

Chasing Dharma Around the Globe pg 8

Ozark Mountain Publishing's UFO Conference pg 9

A Blueprint for Sharing, pg 12

Observations of the Light (Mar/Apr 2014)
Integration into the Unexpected space
© 2014, Janis Yakopovic, Vibrational Healer

Article reprinted with author's permission. Edited for brevity, clarity and/or flow. Editor's comments, etc. in square brackets.    top

Dearest Readers,
Have you asked yourself lately, "What the heck is going on?" If you have, welcome to the club! >> We find ourselves in such a different energy, with the ending of 2013 being "Difficult for Everyone." So, where are we now? What's happening to me? Why am I so tired, sick, or unhappy, or feel so alone?
    Where we came from We hit the mark so many of us were working for, transitioning from Mayan 2012 to the beginning of the Aquarian Age. . . Freedom from the past, and jumping into the future with both feet. We did it – only to find that we, as a whole stopped and said, "oops," because it was so different that we expected. . . Who knew it would be so hard?
    Then 2013 came in, Year of Integration, and we integrated and changed with the new year, [still] letting go of the old and accepting the new. But we found that it was still a lot harder than we expected. Some of the changes were truly life-altering, and we found that they were incredibly difficult and painful to go through. Old hidden patterns buried deep inside of us, hidden so deeply that they were unknown to us, and were so hard and painful to let go.
    Over time, most of us [were able to] release the old limiting patterns, and substitute the new patterns of Light in their place. It wasn't easy by a long shot, but we did it. But as we continued the process of releasing and integration, we became more aware of an inner sensitivity to the new frequencies coming in, making us more [conscious] of the discord of energy around us – both physically and environmentally.
    We felt lighter spiritually, but also more disconnected and disoriented. By the time we came to the end of 2013, we were in a place of deep change trying to figure out what in the world was going on. Coping with these new energies and aspects of ourselves left us feeling lost and uncertain of where we were. . . Certain aspects of ourselves and our lives were more difficult, e.g., the economy, finances, health issues, ecology, the changes in Mother Earth – all of these issues loomed larger and more troubling. . . "Where am I," seemed to be the mantra of 2013.

2014 Overview  Now, we are in 2014 – and we're approaching it with caution because we don't know what it holds. It's an enigma. . . We can't see the light at the end of the tunnel – in fact, we can't SEE the tunnel anymore. >> [In short], 2014 is the Year of the Unexpected. For all of our spiritual wisdom and knowledge, I believe most of us will be surprised by the changes in us and our environment. We are heading to a great Feast of Light totally unexpected in its width and breadth. We know that the change is good, in our souls, but our minds still like to play tricks on us!
    Let us be conscious only of the Light, and let everything else fall away. Embrace the unknown and keep reminding ourselves how good it is going to be when we arrive there. The greater the Light, the greater the Vision. So, please move forward, knowing that there will be rough patches to travel (like at the end of 2013), but we can do it. . . Open your mind, body, spirit and soul to the Beauty of the future, of the Void, and see what your Divine Third Eye shows you. You will be amazed . . .    Top
Moving towards the Unknown What is in store for those who choose to go down this tunnel of unseen Light? There are a few new gifts that have surfaced to replace the ones that are no longer effective.
    While the "tools" no longer work the same way, our intuition has multiplied many times. . . Most of us choosing to move forward have made a spiritual transition that has allowed us to become "ONE" with something or someone greater than ourselves, and this is the guidance we now seek and hear.
    To me, it appears as "bubbles of truth" that come from the region of my higher heart and answers the questions I ask. This new age will be an Age of Intuition, and we will reap from the fields that we have sown over the last 30 years.
    Also, Synchronicity has come back with a vengeance! We see signs in places we have not seen before, in ways we haven't seen, with an understanding that we didn't before possess. Our Intuition has morphed and become such a part of us now, just something we seek; it's just there.
    Think how far we have come! This Intuitive Lifestyle now . . . will provide us with a wealth of information at our fingertips [and not just through tecnology]. We'll have our answer before we even finish the question!
    We have [transcended] the four corners of the Earth, and are now in a Realm of Spirit, [what] we have worked for a very long time. We have become One with the Divine, and our directions now come from the innate within, not from "above." >> Remember, though, that great aphorism: "As above, so below"? It's also: "As below, so above." With our work and determination, we have brought the two worlds together; they are no longer separate; they are One. >> What an achievement we have wrought in these last 30 years! . . . Many of us are going through such new experiences that we feel we are alone or have somehow failed our mission. YOU HAVE NOT FAILED. YOU HAVE GRADUATED TO THE NEXT REALM – THE REALM OF SPIRIT! So rejoice! and incorporate and develop these new gifts we have been given. . . INTUITION! SYNCHRONICITY! WHOLENESS AND ONENESS! ALLOWING THE DIVINITY WITHIN TO FLOWER OUTWARD! >> Realize that we are now the Above and Below – and as such can influence both realms with our Love and Light. Let this be your mantra or lesson until the next issue of Pathfinder.<>

Next issue, I will tell you what handbook we have been following, and also ask the Editor to add her wisdom to my insights. Watch for it. Until then, relax and enjoy coming out of your spiritual chrysalis.    Top

As they still say, "location, location, location"!
Chasing Dharma Around the Globe:
An Evolutionary Astrologer's Approach to Location Astrology    top

© 2014 by Katharina Wehrli

Article excerpt reprinted with author's permission. Edited for brevity, clarity and/or flow. Editor's comments, etc. in square brackets.

In Light of her Presentation for the Astrological Association of St. Louis, March 9, 2014
With modern computer programs now readily available, location astrology has become a major asset in positioning clients for optimal life success. People seek insight for permanent or temporary reasons, due to career, relationship, or family matters, or just for a sojourn to heal from illness or a traumatic event, to get married, to join an expedition, or to recharge their battery.    top
Katharina Wehrli, Earthlit
The main portion of location astrology consists of three mapping systems, wherein planets of the birth chart convert to lines around the globe. Once we understand the time/space-related differences within these systems, it becomes clear how certain areas resonate in a personally relevant way. Circumstances change throughout an individual's life, and relocation may be needed more than once. Transiting outer planets pinpoint potential timeframes. As an evolutionary astrologer, I synthesize the mapping systems of location astrology with special parameters. Centered around the soul's developmental journey through many lifetimes, they focus on planets most favorable for learning life lessons and dealing gracefully with karmic conditions.
    With the use of the birth chart as basic blueprint, I determine the major evolutionary and karmic dynamics. This provides fundamentally relevant search criteria above and beyond the conventional rules of location astrology. In considering optimal conditions we can thus discover planetary lines that may otherwise go unnoticed. Along these lines internal energies and external influences magnify over time to support personal evolution — Dharma. Places on or near those lines reveal prime locations for the progression of the soul's journey.

Katharina Wehrli is a certified evolutionary astrologer. Originally from Switzerland, she relocated to Cambridge, Mass. to study at Lesley University, and lived in Boston for a number of years.
    After discovering location astrology, Katharina found her best planetary lines in the US and relocated to the St. Louis area. Her worldwide consultations include natal, timing, relationship, location and medical astrology. Katharina presents a program on Location Astrology at the AAStl, Mar. 9, 2014. For more information visit, or call 636-527-9939. She also conducts meditation classes on the 1st and last Saturdays (see Recurring Events).    top

Ozark Mountain Publishing and the UFO Conference coming up
UFO Conference, Apr. 11-13, 2014
Eureka Springs, Ark.    top

Ozark Mountain UFO Conference Background

In 1988, Bill Pitts of Fort Smith, Arkansas held a UFO conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and Lou [Farish] decided that there was a need for an annual UFO conference in that region of the country. From 1989 through 2009 he directed the Ozark UFO Conference, considered by some researchers to be one of the best UFO conferences in the country, with a typical attendance of 400 - 600 people from hundreds of miles around.
    Because of the quality of the conference speakers, the laid-back and conversation-friendly environment of the Inn of the Ozarks, and the natural springtime beauty of Eureka Springs, many attendees routinely reserved a room for the following year as they checked out at the end of each conference. For many, the conference was like a big annual homecoming experience to look forward to. After 20 years, Lou stepped aside and turned the leadership of the conference over to Lee Clinton, who had managed the conference audiovisual production for most of those years. For 2013-14, Lee has passed on to Dolores Cannon the leadership of what will be renamed the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference.

We are pleased to announce the upcoming 27th Annual Ozark Mountain UFO Conference, and are proud to be able to continue this time-honored tradition created by the late Lou Farish.
    Continuing his vision, the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference showcases speakers and presenters who bring new and thought-provoking information about the other worlds around us.    top
Click on the image for a larger view

OMP's UFO Conference, Apr 11-13, 2014

This year's conference is poised to be one of the best yet, with speakers to include:

• Haktan Akdogan s Linda Moulton-Howe

• George Noory s Antonio Paris s Nick Pope

• Anthony Cataldo s Travis Walton

• Sherry Wilde and s Dolores Cannon

New to this year's event is the premiere of two UFO films, "The Hidden Hand," and "Zipper," on Friday night of the conference. On Saturday night we will offer the first annual Speaker's Dinner at the historic Basin Park Hotel Ballroom where attendees will be able to mix and mingle with the speakers and presenters at the conference.

Tickets to the UFO conference are $90 until April 8th, the deadline for early bird pricing, and tickets to the UFO Speaker Dinner are $28. After April 8th, conference tickets for the three day event will be $115. Call 479-738-2348 or visit for more information on speakers and/or to register

Ozark Mountain Publishing holds annual conferences and events as well as publishing titles of interest to those interested in our evolving consciousness. Its founder, Dolores Cannon, is a world renonwn hypnotist and regressionist, investigating the hidden doorways to other selves.    top

Now is a good time to draw up. . .
A Blueprint for Sharing
by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, (Nov. 5, 2013)    top

Article reprinted with author/publisher's permission. Edited for brevity, clarity and/or flow. Editor's comments, etc. in square brackets.
When men consider the principle of sharing, they [usually] see it in . . . terms. . . in which they, personally, will be expected to give away considerable sums of money to far-off people whom they do not know, nor care to know. In fact, the principle of sharing can only be organized as [part of] a global process.

There are several ways in which this could be achieved, either partially or totally. We, your Elder Brothers, consider that the following is the most practical, the simplest and fairest method of all, one which, if adopted, would satisfy the greatest number. Each nation, We suggest, would be asked to make an inventory of all their resources and needs, what they produce themselves and what they are obliged to import. Then, each nation would be asked to put into a common pool that which they have in excess of their needs, forming a huge international resource from which all could draw. Naturally, the large developed nations would give a greater amount but all would donate their unneeded surplus. This scheme appeals to us for its simplicity and fairness; it would, of course, take time to implement, but We foresee a time when it can be accomplished.
    Many are the trained organizers and administrators for whom this work would provide a welcome service to the world. All would proceed under the aegis of a Master or at least a third-degree initiate, to safeguard the trust of all. Thus, at a stroke the curse of poverty and want would be ended. The hearts and lives of countless millions would be lifted into joy, and those who shared for the first time would find a happiness deep and satisfying, which perhaps, they were afraid to know.
    In this way, [trust could be engendered that is] essential for the ending of war and terrorism. Without such trust, there will never be peace. Without peace, the future for mankind would be bleak indeed. Therefore, some form of sharing is essential if we are to survive. When the majority of men realize this, the major problems of the world can be solved.
    In this way, [trust could be engendered that is] essential for the ending of war and terrorism. Without such trust, there will never be peace. Without peace, the future for mankind would be bleak indeed. Therefore, some form of sharing is essential if we are to survive. When the majority of men realize this, the major problems of the world can be solved.    top
Click on the image for a larger view

Share International

The principle of sharing is beginning to enter the minds of many groups throughout the world. Bit by bit men inch their way to this conclusion. Maitreya reminds all who hear Him that sharing alone provides the solution to our troubles. Thus, as the weeks and months go by, men can be seen to grapple with their problems, and more and more find sharing to be the key to their future.

Benjamin Creme, a principal spokesman about the emergence of Maitreya, is in constant telepathic contact with this Master who dictated his article to him. Visit for inspiring articles and information about a positive vision for mankind.    top


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