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INSIDE — here are some of the articles featured in the current issue of Pathfinder.
Editorial: Beyond Belief, pg 2

More about the Cover, pg 2

Frequencies All Around: Solfeggio Tones, Pt 2, pg 3

Star Cells, pg 3


Editorial: Can we see what's around us? It's. . .
Beyond Belief
© 2011 by Rose A. Jenkins; rev Apr. 2017. All rights reserved.
This editorial resurfaces at a time of maximum disbelief in government. In 2011 I withheld it. Here it is now. So be it.

Somehow, as we continue to exhaust the past centuries' glamour that distorts our notion of what America is and is not – its fables and myths – our government, its corporate bosses, cheerleaders and apologists expect their skullduggery to be accepted like the workings of a mantra, that we have to take it on "faith" that Big Money was "gifted by God" to the greediest and least principled among us.

Pardon me, gifted? Taken from the unsuspecting, you mean. Ripped off, you mean. God's gifts usurped by sociopaths for three seconds of delusional "profit" at the expense of billions of damaged beings throughout the Kingdoms to show for the effort. . .

Proclamation —
I proclaim that neither this or any government is to be "taken on faith"– ever. The founders deeply distrusted the pecuniary motives of those with accumulated wealth, power and prestige – who were seen over and over again to impose their will sadistically, uncaringly and recklessly. Faith in government was not the goal of America's founders.

Despite the flaws now all too evident, founders like Jefferson warned that "eternal vigilance" was the price of freedom (from whatever source of tyranny). They failed, however, to rein in their own colossal greed, as Native American lands were taken, and Native peoples lied to and imprisoned on "reservations." The British, et al, then went on to plunder the rest of the continent.

I proclaim that as the current government fails to reflect the Will of the People, its legitimacy also fails. We-the-People, in all states must join me in proclaiming that the results of the recent (2016) election, no matter how or by whom rigged, is Not Our Government. The consent of the governed must be observed. We cannot allow the current usurpers any additional power. All means must be explored to reclaim our Right to be Free and Independent of Tyrants, Corporatists and Destroyers of the Common Good.

I proclaim that we must have a new election across the land, with verifiable ballots. That dishonest, hackable touchscreems installed in many states by officials who were foolish enough to "believe" in them must be thrown out. The results of all such elections by electronic-only voting booths cannot be certified, nor even counted in "close" elections: thus they must be declared VOID. – Continued reliance on these corrupted devices reveals a state- by- state effort to disenfranchise the most sacred right of a citizen: the right to vote and have that vote duly counted and tabulated. Clean elections, leading to a certain outcome. We, as sovereign citizens, must demand no less.

Myth of the Balance of Power
The myth of the Balance of Power is for us, an enduring one. What balance? What separation of powers? At this time, we see a malevolent assertion of power over the whole of government: House, Senate, Chief Executive, plus the Supreme Court. More to the point, the myth of an independent Supreme Court is most worrying: A newly confirmed right-wing "justice," Neil Gorsuch, adds his regressive positions to a court ready to reassert its right-wing dominance. (Scalia, as was, won't be missed, but Gorsuch was picked to fill a majority "Republican" place at the Supreme Court.)

We see now, in the 21st century, just how such a myth dies: hard and ugly. Instead of separation of powers, we have the opposite: corporatism multiplied throughout our houses of government, extolling selfishness, war lust and ever-increasing desire for more power, while We-the-People have very little to show for the millions of dollars we pay in salaries and perks to our "public servants" who take our perks, etc, and betray us at every opportunity. Their goal is to impoverish "us" and enrich themselves and especially, the "elite"; instigate false flag wars to justify a bloated military budget, while absolutely failing to "provide for the common welfare."

The falsely installed rulers fail to spend our tax dollars in the way the huge majority of the people want and need: to protect human health, the health of the planet, and its creatures. Their goal, again, is to create a future that – unless completely overturned – will be bleak, indeed.

Without Reason
Kabbalah and other esoteric traditions poetically state that Reason is the Steed, often pictured as a magnificent winged horse (Hail Pegasus!) that can take us to the doorway of a shining, supernal plane of being – even though it is Intuition that is actually able to OPEN the door and allow us to enter that realm.

Paraphrasing a worthy quote: "Without reason, the people perish."* (*"Where there is no vision, the people perish."—Proverbs, 29:18) — I also add: Without engaging in the creation of the feast, the mere spectator may not sup at the Feast of Attainment (a take-off of the Ant and the Grasshopper fable by Aesop). . .

Therefore, let us say and proclaim that all conscious human beings are being "called up" NOW to lend their strength, vision and good intent to add their weight to help birth a New Nation (and a New World) – a successor to the nation that is dying amidst its pitiful excesses, cultism, and denial of human rights.

Many have come to bear witness, to participate, to help Mother Earth cleanse herself. But like the "Good Book" says, those who come too late will find the feasting has finished, the dregs are lying fallow, decaying.    top
Joan w/sword and Light of Grace

Latecomers will find no comfort, then, in being the self-obsessed narcissists promoted by our "lame-stream culture" – those so preoccupied with filling their own pockets and satisfying their own needs to the exclusion of others'; failing to heed their Mother and Father's teachings; failing to realize their membership in a Family with many Kingdoms that was designed to function in Harmony – if only the two-leggeds would do more work on themselves, and take some care about their own and others' futures. If only. . .

What kind of nation is this?
If faith in government is a measure of our success as a nation, we're in need of a higher mind transplant and a soul wash. There is no longer any justification for a patriotism that is serves only the powerful and denudes our choices, where Truth is penalized and lies are rewarded.

Free speech has been muzzled or coached to say what corporate power interests want to be broadcast. Even the Internet is being attacked – used as a spy lens to demean and deaden true interaction. Truth tellers, e.g., Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers are pursued by government agents intent on silencing them or worse. . .

Religious leaders who, excepting for Pope Francis, hardly ever mention God's Handiwork, the Creation, recognize its Holiness and our responsibility to protect it. TV religio-spokespersons – almost without exception – speak of Jesus in pseudo-adoration, but never about what being Christian means in terms of our actions: that is, they're good at talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

Though there is now a powerful "Green Pope" (Pope Francis), where are the "Green Protestants," "Green Jews," etc?? It is time for Faith to take a hand in rescuing this land from the ogres of cruelty, selfishness and greed.

What kind of government is this?

Although most people. . .

[ ] desire an end to endless, phony wars of choice

[ ] want to take care of our elderly and our children

[ ] support an Environmental Protection Agency that does what its name says

[ ] support public media

[ ] want a Green Economy to get us off the Earth-burning path and provide honorable jobs with a sane health care system (single payer, universal)

[ ] make sure the wealthiest pay their fair share. . .

most of our officials at the city, state and federal level have no intention of honoring the will of the people.

Why? Can it be the bulging briefcases of cash that stifles their consciences? Or is this just "talking dirty"?? Case after case of the truth of this is being observed and exposed, especially here in red-state Missouri, and other red-states across the nation. Remember the petitions signed, sealed and delivered, which set forth that We Missourians WILL have Green Energy produced within our State? What happened to that? Stealth and greed is still preventing that good intention from manifesting the bounty that should be Ours.

How do we re-form a government so that it is a better reflection of our better selves? That is the Question. And, yes, there is an answer: Just make it so! We have the power. We just need the will-to-act. . . and vision.

We must rise to a new task:
Reclothing our Lady of Liberty with the sparkling garments of Righteousness – the beauty of the human spirit; enshrine and proclaim our rights:

[ ] right to healthy food, water and air

[ ] work that provides purpose and basic needs

[ ] universal health care

[ ] time to enjoy our lives, to smell the flowers, be inspired with love and respect for Mother- God's handiwork, and each other. . .

May it be so!

— Rose ("the editor") Jenkins    top

  More About the May/Jun 2017 Cover
space “Cosmic Egg, Cosmic Mind Reset”

© Mar'17. Original work by Rose A. Jenkins.

Re- magining, re- appraising, re-i ntegrating – that's a way of looking at this mandala- like work. It was inspired by the synchronistic flows that help me order my space and time, and brought very interesting information about Sound and Cymatics* to me. As Edgar Cayce says, "The Mind is the Builder; the result is the physical." Anything worth seeing, knowing, having, experiencing, is first birthed in the Mental-spiritual realm. May we grasp the power we have and use it for the Greater Good! (*See more on Cymatics, this issue.)

space    Top

Cosmic Egg - Cosmic Mind Reset


Vibrations and. . .
Frequencies All Around: Solfeggio Tones, Pt. 2

Editor's note: The subject of frequencies and their profound relation to sacred geometry and "all that is" continues from the Mar/Apr 2017 Pathfinder. . . Only part of the material included in the print version of Pathfinder below. For the rest of the material on this article, pick up a Pathfinder.    Top

Dr. Hans Jenny's work with Solfeggio tones/cymatics

Dr. Hans Jenny's work with cymatic tone images

Solfeggio tones/cymatics/water crystals

Solfeggio tones and water crystals
Solfeggio Revelations

© 2017 by Janis Yakopovic, Vibrational Healer

Article reprinted with author's permission. Some modification. Edited for brevity, clarity and/or flow. Editor's comments, etc. in square brackets.

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy."— Ludwig von Beethoven

What does a Stradivarius Violin and an Ancient Egyptian Lute have in common? Give up? They are both tuned to the Divine Frequency of 432 Hz.* As a matter of fact, most ancient instruments tested so far, from areas as diverse as Sumer, Ur, Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt are attuned to the Frequency of 432 Hz. Amazing, isn't it?

What the Ancients knew so long ago and we are rediscovering today is the Sacredness of Sound: Tones, Frequencies, Notes and Octaves are all reflections of the Divine Music of the Spheres brought to life on Earth. This Sacred Sound encompasses the Sacred Sciences of Geometry and Numerology (Gematria) too. They are blended in the Divine Blueprint of Light to heal us and bring us into the Sacred Wholeness of the ONE of Creation. So, let's take a sentimental journey. . .

Back to the Source In Ancient Civilizations, sacredness of expression [was embedded in] their music, temples, homes, schools. Even their daily lives revolved around the concept that the Ancient Egyptians named Ma'at – Perfect Harmony and Balance in all of Creation.

It was the goal of these ancients . . . to live their lives as close to the Divine as possible. As we strive to do the same in our lives today, we are "rediscovering" the Ancient Wisdom [known as the Sacred Sciences taught in Temple Schools to Initiates, and as Initiates, let us follow in their footsteps].

Solfeggio Frequencies abounding There are two basic Solfeggio frequencies that are used most often today and considered to be the most sacred and universal of the tones. They are 432 Hz, termed the Divine Creation Matrix, and 528 Hz, the Divine Love Matrix. We will explore how these two tones can help you heal on all levels of your Being and also heal the planet and all its inhabitants to Wholeness and Complete Balance. But first a little history.

Background of the Solfeggio Tones
The Solfeggio Tones were first noted outside of the ancient world in musical compositions we refer to as Gregorian Chants. These "tones" are . . . recognized mathematical frequencies of the electro-magnetic spectrum of Earth. [They] create specific resonances that affect matter and heal misalignment by utilizing sacred chords to create Wholeness and Harmony. Resonance [through constructive wave interactions] can bring about a vibration that resonates through the DNA of our bodies and allows healing to take place. Sound or Acoustical Healing is a most amazing phenomenon, as science and quantum physics are now proving.

The Six Tones (Do * Re * Mi * Fa * So * La)
These are the six original Solfeggio Tones representing the "musical mathematical Matrix of Creation". . . [Besides being abandoned in the Middle Ages, other disruptions in our "sound" universe were allowed to occur. . . ]

Disharmonies, 440 Hz and the Nazi connection . . .

440Hz vs 432Hz

In 1920,* 440 Hz was recognized by the US Government and in 1955 was accepted by the Int'l Organization of Standardization. [*Ed's: Various timelines for this change have been mentioned. See image next column.]

440 Hz thus become the standard of measure and [the] sacred tones were no longer used as they once were. Since that time we have been out of Harmony with the Universe around us. Not only out of harmony, but by using sound that is disharmonious, we altered our environment with this sound pollution.

[As] we rediscover the sacred tones, [thanks in large part to Dr. Leonard Horowitz], we can go back and reharmonize ourselves and our environment with the Divine Universal Blueprint that places us in the Heart of God/dess.    Top

A closer look at two special frequencies, 432 and 528

432 Hertz –
This frequency is often called the Divine Creation Frequency. Not only was this frequency used in most ancient musical instruments, but it was also used in the construction of Temples and Sacred Spaces in the old world. All ancient construction used sacred sound and numbers. The Pyramids of Egypt, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Pyramids of Mexico are all attuned to this Divine frequency. All of them were places of Worship . . .

432 Hz governs Divine Inner Knowing and Spiritual Manifestation. This frequency is actually the sound of the Divine Word OM, [which] was measured while Monks were chanting this sound. [The sound itself] creates a physical geometric, two-dimensional pattern called the Sri Yantra. You have probably seen this mandala before. . . pyramids within pyramids within pyramids. The science of creating geometric representations of Sound is called Cymatics [the science of making sound visible].

Hans Jenny, a Swiss scientist, developed the tonoscope, which helps display how these sounds are manifested. He was one of the early pioneers in rediscovering this sacred knowledge, and is known as the Father of Cymatics.

The best way to utilize Cymatic Healing is with tuning forks. Tuning Forks* [See note following] can be attuned to any frequency, so there is no limit to their healing uses. With this one instrument you can "sound out" your body, environment, space, crystals – all things you want blessed and in harmony with the frequency of Divine Creation and Manifestation, inside and outside. This is a magnificent way to] create a harmonious life filled with Light, Love, Health and Wisdom, where the Soul is free and Oneness is reclaimed.

[*A company called BioSonics makes and sells therapeutic Tuning Forks. Make sure that you get a genuine product backed by research. BioSonics makes a Tuning Fork for all of the notes in the Solfeggio Tones . . . [and many more, including the chakras and planets !]

528 Hertz
This is the frequency of Divine Cosmic Love; it is the sound of the Music of the Spheres and the Souls of all Creation. It is the "Word" that lives in all of us as the Divine Spark that feeds our Inner Phoenix and allows us to grow and evolve into the Light Beings we truly are. This frequency can heal anything on any dimension, this sound is that Pure. It can transform all Matter into Light and heal disharmony wherever it appears. 528 Hz is Food for our Soul.

In healing, it can balance the chakras and the polarity of the body, and help put harmony and health into every cell of our body by [energizing] the Divine Blueprint within. This Love Frequency governs all of our physical body and its functions, but has its greatest effect on our Heart/Heart Chakra. The Institute of HeartMath has made some amazing discoveries of how important our Heart is to our physical and spiritual Being. The Heart resonates to the Resonance of Mother Earth (7.8 to 8), thereby connecting us to Creation on a very intimate level.

Our Hearts have an electric field that is 60 times greater than our brain, a magnetic field that is 5000 times stronger that the brain. The Ancient Egyptians believed that the Heart was the Seat of the Soul [Intelligence] not the brain. The [physical brain] wasn't given spiritual protection after death as was the rest of the body. . . . They recognized that the Heart had the greatest function and could heal the body by itself. The electro-magnetic field that surrounds that Heart has a radius of at least 10 feet.

. . . Imagine filling that sacred space with the frequency of Pure Love at 528 Hz. We can do this for ourselves and the world. What an amazing gift to give to the World!

I started researching and studying the Solfeggio Tones several years ago. I was guided to them by the other half of my Soul. I have used them every day in my healing work and on the Healing Oils that I make. It has been an amazing journey and I have found that the Sound Healing speeds up the healing process, allows greater release of blockages and helps the Divine within to become more conscious of its Beauty and Light. I highly recommend these Solfeggio Tones to you and I am including a list of books and names that you can use to start your healing journey. I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I loved sharing it.— Ma'at, Janis

Recommended reading:
The DNA Field and the Law Of Resonance, by Pierre Franck

Darklight Conciouness; Melanin, Serpent Power and the Luminous Matrix of Reality, by Edward Bruce Bynum, PhD

Also: the works of John W. Keeley, Nikola Tesla, Royal Rife, Hans Jenny.

Editor's note: Frequencies resolving to single digits of 3, 6, 9 may be said to be in harmony with the Solfeggio tones. Hence, there are tones like 174 (3), and the lovely 432 (9).

Janis Yakopovic, Senmet's Healing Oils


More tools to help raise us to the next level

BioGenesis: Star Cells
© Barbara Ballard

Article reprinted with author's permission. Some modification. Edited for brevity, clarity and/or flow. Editor's comments, etc. in square brackets.    Top

Recapping a little History on Biogenesis
Biogenesis is a technology that is millions of years old, but has not been on Earth since the days of Atlantis. Reintroduced in 1999 by an Ascended Master, Master Lantos, BioGenesis has a single purpose: to make life better.

BioGenesis is a spiritual energy that is instilled into glass tools. These glass tools then radiate that energy into their environments. Each tool uses the same snergy, but the design of the tool determines how that energy is to be used.

These tools restore harmony to the body, the emotions and minds, as well as to ones home, workplace and enhancing life in general.

I have had the gift of working with this eternal techology since 2000 in St. Louis and in Florida. (To view these modern tools which contain eternal technology, visit Also see webpage at html#biogenesis).

Star Cells
The Star Cells contain energy from the Great Mighty Star of Genesis. They were introduced in 2013 by Master Lansos.

Chambers of Eternal Light
. . . are comprised of 10 Star Cells that are being placed in locations all over the Earth. Their purpose is to remove the deepest negative residues from the structure of lands and waters on all continents.

Towards a New Earth
The Earth is in the midst of great change. A new civilization is being formed, [aided] by a Cosmic Cleansing, for a New Golden Era.

Barbara Ballard's BioGenesis

Star Cell, single, from 10-cell array

Above image is an enlargement.

This new era is being created with the support and assistance of the Celestial Angels, Ascended Masters and great Cosmic beings of Light. A global structure of Starlight is being formed which will transform humanity by removing the residual energy of war, disease, violence. . . (An individual Star Cell can be viewed at, along with more in-depth information about the Global Network of the Star of Genesis, as well as a short video presentation by world-wide teacher, David Demaray.)

Working with Star Cells
Star Cells are presently being used by designated healers to bring balance to mnd, body, emotionls and spirit. What is most exciting about working with the Star Cells is this: as we work on individuals, energy is also generated into the surrounding area. This is comparable to a higher vibration – a deeper form of prayer – newly given to us in 2013.

We lightworkers continue to learn their uses through weekly conference calls and webinars.

Barbara Ballard is a certified practitioner of the BioGenesis system of healing for this area. She combines the BioGenesis Tools with Pranic Healing to help bring about remarkable breakthroughs and freedom from disease on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Contact her at 314-393-8895 to schedule an appointment. Visit for more information on these elegant tools and their healing promise.    Top


Special Mentions

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