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Mar/Apr 2015 issue.
Special Events
Calendar of Events for St. Louis & Elsewhere
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Featured Articles and Special Mentions

Editorial: "Proofing" the Soul's Rise, pg 2
Pathfinder Info, pg 2
Note to Supporters & Reader, pg 2
The Fair, Green Pope. . . from the Pulpit of Change
Message from the Bird Tribe (Channeling), pg 3
Seeds and Soils vs. Corporate Tyranny, pg 4
Top Vegan Sources of Omega 3s, pg 4
Ecotheology: "Only God can Save Us", pg 6
NDE: Choosing "Heaven on Earth, pg 6
Let's Save Our Soils in the "International Year of Soils," pg 7
Look Up! Wake Up! See the Ugly Chemtrails: Climate Modification and the War on Mankind, pg 8
The US Air Force Finally Releases Full UFO Information and other snippets, pg 9
The Rich Push Austerity. (Redistribution and rebalancing the Earth's bounty is better.), pg 10
A Protest and Testimonial at Monsanto's January Shareholders Meeting, pg 10
Detox our Bodies from Chemtrail Assaults, pg 11
Astrology: at the Intersection of "Fate" and "Freewill", pg 12
In the Stars, Mar/Apr 2015, pg 12 – see Stars below.
Observations of the Light (Mar/Apr 2015): Resonance of Time: Integrating Celestial Frequencies, pg 13
Heal Ourselves, Heal our World, pg 13
A Song in Stone (sculpture), pg 13
Calendar of Events, Mar/Apr 2015, pg 14
Ozark Mountain Publishing's 28th UFO Conference: Speakers & Bios, pg 14
Special Days in Mar/Apr 2015, pg 14
Recurring Events, pg 15
Resource &Web Directory, pg 15
Support these Area Resources and "better life" providers, pg 15 Subscription Form, p 15
  Mar 2015
Apr 2015
Mar. 2 - Monday
> "Tapping Into The Mind/Body Connection," with Rhonda Leifheit, 7-9pm, 4 wks, Meramec- St. Louis Comm. College, CS 120. Meridian Tapping is a great way to improve your health and may ease many forms of discomfort. (No class 3/16.) $49. (Ask for senior discount if you are 60+).To register: 314-984-7777, or, HEAL:706, section 650.

Mar. 8 - Sunday
> "Interpreting the Natal Chart," by Linda Sherwin, AAStL, 2-5 pm, 2505 S. Brentwood Blvd. Live practicum; group interpretation of volunteers' charts. Volunteers' names drawn. Confidentiality and kindness are the rule of the day. Bring birth chart or data. Call Audria Gebhardt, 314-963-7914 for more. Members, free; guests, $3.

Mar. 12 - Thursday
> "Welcome to the Year of the Wood Sheep (Goat)," 7-8:30pm. Your Wellness Connection, 7410 Switzer Rd., Shawnee, KS 66214. For details, contact Quan Cherry, quantracycherry@

Mar. 14 - Saturday
> "Geopathic Earth Energy Lines and Fields," presented by David Pace, 1-4pm. Gateway Soc. of Dowsers, St. Louis County Library Hdq. Visit for more details.

Mar. 20 - Friday - Vernal Equinox
Mar. 21 - Saturday
> "The Cosmic Reconnection," with Julia Maria, 6-8pm. Crystal Healing Chamber, Heart Forward Studio, 1750 Brentwood Blvd., Ste. 307. Live music, guided meditation, Galactic Activations by Sonic Alchemists, Dane & Julia Marie. A crystal grid will be built in the space prior to the event. Bring your favorite crystals to place in the grid. RSPV; space limited. Call Dr. Milllie, 314-426-6565 for details to reserve your place. $45 (includes CD of the event).

Mar. 28 - Saturday
> "Monthly Energy Healing Mission, 3-6pm, Heart Forward Studio, 1750 Brentwood, Ste. 307, with Julia Marie. Healing for those who ask for it; experience the power of compassion, light and healing. Dedicated practitioners volunteer their time and bring their heart to this work. No charge, but donations of at least $10 are appreciated to help support this project. No appt. necessary. All are welcome.

Mar. 31 - Tuesday
> "Council of Solace," 7pm. Join us in sending out thoughts of peace and healing. Program follows, "Rosicrucian Topics," 7:30pm.Open discussion on your choice of topics in the Rosicrucian system of study. St. Louis Lodge, Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, 3225 S. Brentwood Blvd., Webster Groves, MO 63119 Free. Open to the Public. For more info, call 314-338-4471 or email    top
Apr.1 - Wednesday
> "Meditation For Health And Harmony," with Rhonda Leifheit, 7-9pm, 4 wks, Forest Park campus, STLCC. Meditation brings relaxation, mental clarity, emotional balance and spiritual insights. Fee: $49. (Ask for senior discount if 60+). Register, call 314-984-7777, or, HEAL:706, Sec. 450. Forest Park-St. Louis Comm. College, B-tower, 013 (lower level).

Apr. 5 - Sunday — Happy Easter!
Apr. 10-12, Fri. thru Sun.
> Ozark Mountain Publishing's 28th UFO Conference, Eureka Springs, Ark. See ad, Special Mentions link above, and link for speakers below. Visit, 1-800-935-0045 for more.

> Ozark Mountain Publishing's 28th Annual UFO Conference, Eureka Springs, Ark. See selected speaker/ presenter bios at this link,

Apr. 11 - Saturday
> "Various Teachings and Uses of Crystals and Stones," presented by Claudia Elliot. 1-4pm. Gateway Soc. of Dowsers, St. Louis County Library Hdq. Visit for more details.

Apr. 12 - Sunday
> "The Vocational Profile," by Nikki Davenport. AAStL, See Recurring Calendar, 2nd Sunday, For Temporary Meeting Place, The Busy Bee Bldg. Discover potential career directions, challenges, talents, and skills through the chart. Tap into your inner motivating forces, align with "best fit" work, and determine career goals. Members free; guests, $3. Contact Audria at 314-963-7914 for more, or visit

Apr. 21 - Tuesday
> Council of Solace, 7pm. Join us in sending out thoughts of peace and healing. Program follows, "Famous Rosicrucians," 7:30pm. Learn from famous Rosicrucians, e.g., Akhnaton, Francis Bacon, Benjamin Franklin, etc. St. Louis Lodge, Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, 3225 S. Brentwood Blvd., Webster Groves, MO 63119 Free. Open to the Public. For more info, call 314-338-4471 or email

Apr. 25 - Saturday
> Monthly Energy Healing Mission, 3-6pm, Heart Forward Studio, 1750 Brentwood, Ste. 307, with Julia Marie. (See Mar. 28 for more details). <>
Ozark Mountain Publishing's 28th UFO Conference, Apr. 10-12, 2015   Speakers & Bios —   OMP-UFO Con. Speakers Apr 10-12, 2015

For more details on presenters, conference schedule, and accommodations, see ad on pg. 9, visit the Ozark Mountain Publishing site, Click here for ad below.    top

Richard Dolan, Keynote Speaker , [Top left] Richard Dolan has researched UFOs for 20 years, and authored several volumes of history, and a speculative book about the future. His latest work (2014), UFOs for the 21st Century Mind, is a fresh treatment of the subject. In it, he discusses the important sightings, encounters, the politics and cover-up, ancient aliens, bizarre science, Disclosure. . . Richard hosts a weekly radio show, The Richard Dolan Show on KGRA, and is a guest on Coast-to-Coast AM, and is featured in the TV documentary series, Hangar One. In addition to his research, Richard's company, Richard Dolan Press, publishes innovative books by authors from around the world.
Peter Davenport , [Next to Dolan] Peter Davenport, Dir. of the Nat'l UFO Reporting Ctr since July 1994, was born in St. Louis, Mo. Peter has had many interesting occupations, including being a Russian translator in the Soviet Union, a fisheries observer aboard Soviet fishing vessels, and a businessman. Peter has had an active interest in the UFO phenomenon from his early boyhood. He experienced his first UFO sighting over the St. Louis municipal airport in the summer of 1954. Peter witnessed several anomalous events, possibly UFO related, including a dramatic sighting over Baja California in Feb. 1990, and several night sightings over Washington State during 1992. His most recent sighting occurred over Eastern Washington in October 2011. Peter is also a current member of MUFON.
Barbara Lamb, Lecture Title, Crop Circles: A Worldwide Mystery, [Below Dolan] Barbara Lamb, MS, MFT, CHT is a psychotherapist and regression therapist in Claremont, Calif., and a longtime researcher of crop circles. She is one of the leading crop circle researchers and educators, and has lectured widely in the US, England and other countries, and been interviewed on many radio programs, film interviews, TV specials and internet shows. She conducts tours to crop circles in England each summer. Her book, Crop Circles Revealed, will be available at the conference.
Kewaunee Lapseritis, Lecture Title: Overwhelming Evidence For A Bigfoot/Ufo Connection, [Next to Lamb] Kewaunee is a Holistic Health Consultant, Master Herbalist and Master Dowser with background in anthropology, psychology, conservation, and holistic health, with a variety of academic degrees. He is a world authority on the Bigfoot/ Sasquatch phenomenon. Mr. Lapseritis is a Sasquatch and ET "contactee." Kewaunee was telepathically contacted by a Sasquatch and an ET simultaneously, after which he developed psychic ability, triggering a spiritual transformation. Some of his featured material appeared in OMNI magazine, Magical Blend, Cryptozoology, Wildfire, Fate, Argosy, UFO magazine, Health Consciousness, and many others. In 1991, he was on a panel of scientists on a 2-hour Bigfoot documentary on national television and twice appeared on The Discovery Channel.    top
Linda Moulton Howe, [Top right col.] Linda Moulton Howe is a graduate of Stanford Univ. with a Masters Degree in Communication. Her work focuses on documentary film, television, radio, writing and reporting career to productions concerning science, medicine and the environment, for which she numerous prestigious awards. She also produces radio broadcasts for Whitley Strieber's Dreamland Online. She has written four books including, Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles. . . Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol I & II, about US military, intelligence and civilian testimonies concerning non-human interactions with Earth. In May 2013, Linda participated as a journalist witness before several retired US Congressional representative panelists in the 2013 Citizen Hearing at the National Press Club, Washington, DC. Her topics were military and intelligence eyewitnesses and physical evidence that confirm the interaction of non-humans with Earth suppressed by a US policy of denial since WWII. . .
Nikki Patillo, Lecture Title: Star Children And A New Earth, [Next to Howe] Nikki Pattillo graduated from Stephen F. Austin State Univ., Tex., and began her career as a molecular biologist. She was psychic as a young child and later her Angels and Guides came to her and asked her to channel messages that humanity needed to hear. She is author of, "Star Children: Advice for Parents and Star Children and A Spiritual Evolution. Star Children are children, young adults and adults who have been sent here from all areas of the Universe to help our Earth including all living and non-living things on it. They possess psychic, spiritual and other extra sensory abilities. These gifted souls will help bring peace, topple corrupt systems and shift dimensional consciousness in the years to come. They have come here on a group mission to assist in this rebirth into a higher dimensional Earth.
Thomas Reed, Lecture Title: The Founder Of Miami Models & Son Of Connecticut Politician Authenticates The Prominent Families' Off-World Encounters, [Below Howe] Thomas Reed is an award winning S. Beach fashion photographer, and the founder of Miami Models, w/clients: Polo Black Label, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Loren. He held positions in upper management at Honeywell and Entergy.T he historic UFO case of the Reed family, was assigned a Vallee classification of "CE4" (close encounter of the 4th kind), with ( physical evidence). The evidence in this case included a significant amount of radiation, strong magnetic fields, and is one of a few to have been collected and documented by those in law enforcement. The renowned case was first witnessed by dozens in Sheffield, Mass. in 1969.
Melanie Young, RN , [Next to Reed] Melanie worked in the neonatal unit of a busy hospital for over 14 years before she was given a strange gift that changed her life. — The strange skull in question was found in Mexico in the 1930s, but was kept in private collections until it was gifted to Young in 1998. The skull received lots of attention in 1999 when UFO enthusiasts noticed that it looked like a skull of the so-called "grey alien," and became known as the Starchild Skull. < >
Click for larger view.

Ozark Mountain Publishing's 28th Annual UFO Conference

Recurring Calendar - Mon. thru Fri.
(Sat. & Sun. follows below)
Recurring Calendar - Mon. thru Fri.
(Sat. &Sun. follows below)
BY APPOINTMENT    Past-Life Clearings by Roxanne Sears. Gain greater understanding of your soul's purpose while addressing emotional and mental imbalances. Living Insights, 6361 Clayton Rd., 63117. Call 314-721-4455 to schedule appointment.

Green Time TV, a half hour in-depth exploration of environmental and social justice problems and solutions, appears at 12p, Sat. in St. Louis on Ch. 24-1; 8pm on Mon. on Ch. 24-2; Springfield on Ch. 39, Joplin on Ch. 36; and Marshfield on Ch. 17. > If you would like to help produce Green Time TV call 314-727-8554 or email    top

Every Mon.
> Readings (Intuitive/Past Life), Medium Messages (Certified Medium), Energy Recalibration Sessions with Julia Maria, Mystic Valley. 7241 Manchester, 63143, 314-645-3336.


Every Tues.
Spiritual Study Group, 7-8:30pm. A lively discussion of many spiritual topics. Donations (at least $10 suggested). Living Insights Center, 6361 Clayton Rd., Clayton, MO 63117, 314-721-4455, www.livinginsights. com.

Kansas City, Mo: Transmission Meditation Group. This simple meditation is a form of service to the world while simultaneously promoting personal spiritual transformation. Call Ken at 913-980-0652.


Every 1st Wed.
Pranic Healing Sessions, led by Dale Bilyeu and Lynn Maupin, 7-8:30 pm. Preceded by Twin Hearts Meditation at 6pm. Donations (at least $10 suggested). Living Insights Center, 6361 Clayton Rd., Clayton, MO 63117, 314-721-4455,

Every 2nd & 4th Wednesdays
"Sanctuary with Mark Biehl." A peaceful journey into sound healing, featuring Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, chimes, indigenous flutes, and keyboard atmospheres. 8-9 pm, $15. Casa Bagus, 6318 Clayton Rd, St Louis, MO 63117, 314-537-5304,

Every Wed.
Intuitive Aura readings with Janean. Mystic Valley, 3212 Laclede Sta. Rd., St. Louis, MO 63143, 314-645-3336.

Every 1st & 3rd Thursdays
Drum Circles, Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336. mysticvalleyonline. com

Every 3rd Thursday AAStL Book Club discussion group. Thornhill Library, 12863 Willowyck Dr., St. Louis, MO 63146, 7-8:30pm. Contact 314-994-3300 for more.

Every Thurs.
Tarot Readings &Reiki with Susan Brockmeier. Mystic Valley, 3212 Laclede Sta. Rd., St. Louis, MO 63143, 314-645-3336.
Reiki/Healing Circle, 7-11pm. The area's largest weekly healing energy Circle (all modalities welcomed). Limited to healers. Donations (at least $5 suggested), 314-721-4455, 6361 Clayton Rd., Clayton, MO 63117,
Tarot Readings & Reiki with Susan Brockmeier. Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.
St. Louis Transmission Meditation group. Join in to raise the vibration of humanity and the earth. Meeting starts promptly at 7pm; no one admitted after that time, but attendees may leave at any time afterwards. Call Bob at 314-677-0495 for info.
Hypnosis with Bree, Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.

Intuitive Development at Heart Forward, with Julie Marie 314-449-1163. Also by appointment.


1st Friday & 3rd Sunday

Guided Crystal Meditation, Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.
> Readings (Intuitive and Past Life), Medium Messages (Certified Medium), Energy Therapy & Chakra Balancing with Julie Marie. Mystic Valley, 7241 Manchester, 63143, 314-645-3336.



Every 1st & 4th Saturday
Conscious Dreaming Circle with Julia Marie, Heart Forward Studio. 1750 Brentwood Blvd., Ste. 307, 12-2pm. For information, call 314-449-1163.

Every 1st Sat.
A.R.E. - St. Louis Healing Circle gathers for prayer at the Florissant Br. of the St. Louis Public Library, 195 New Florissant Rd. S., 314-921-7200. Contact Myrna McKee at 618-585-6722.

Sound Healing and Readings at Yoga Works (in Webster) with Julie Marie 314-449-1163 or 314-399-9642, 7919 Big Bend. Also by appointment.

Satsang at Earthlit Sanctuary in Wildwood, MO. 4-6pm. Donation based, more info at RSVP Katharina 636-527-9939,

Every 2nd Sat.
Mystic Valley's Consultant Open House. Sample gifted readers, psychics, medical intuitive, Reiki and massage mini-treatments, etc., 3212 Laclede Sta. Rd., St. Louis, MO 63143, 314-645-3336.

NOTE CHANGE OF MEETING DATE (from 3rd Sat. to 2nd Sat. through June 2015): The Gateway Society of Dowsers monthly meeting, explores a variety of dowsing interests, 1-4pm. St. Louis County Library, 1640 S. Lindbergh Blvd. Contact Faith at 618-876-1771 for information or visit

Intuitive Readings/Energy work with Julie Marie at Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.

Every 3rd Sat.
The Gateway Society of Dowsers monthly meeting explores a variety of dowsing interests, 1-4pm. St. Louis County Library, 1640 S. Lindbergh Blvd. Contact 314-563-0079 for information or visit

Readings (Intuitive/Past Life), Medium Messages (Certified Medium), Energy Recalibration Sessions with Julia Maria, Mystic Valley. 7241 Manchester, 63143, 314-645-3336.

Every 4th Saturday
Wicca Discussion Group, Mystic Valley, 7241 Manchester, 314-645-3336.

(Starting in Feb.) Dream Circle with Julie Marie at Mystic Valley 4:30-7pm, 7241 Manchester, 63143, 314-645-3336.

Every Saturday
Biomat with Reiki, at Yoga Works, (7919 Big Bend, Webster). $25/hr, for Sacred Valley Initiative in Peru plus Donation to Center. Call Cathy for appt. 314-766-1025.

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday
Classes in Personal and Spiritual Development, with Julia Marie, Heart Forward Studio (Current: Mediumship, Medical Intuition, Reading for Others). Call for details, Dr. Millie at 314-426-6565

Every 1st Sun.
Coping with Illness: An Alternative Support Group featuring various healing modalities and guest speakers who have won battles against chronic illness. Facilitated by Janis Yakopovic. Mystic Valley, 3212 Laclede Sta. Rd., St. Louis, MO 63143, 314-645-3336.
Every 2nd Sun. (Unless otherwise noted)
> NOTE CHANGE OF MEETING DATE (from 3rd Sat. to 2nd Sat. through June 2015): The Gateway Society of Dowsers monthly meeting, explores a variety of dowsing interests, 1-4pm. St. Louis County Library, 1640 S. Lindbergh Blvd. Contact Faith at 618-876-1771 for information or visit
    Astrological Assoc. of St. Louis (AAStL) offers classes and workshops on various topics each month. Learn to use this celestial wisdom tool. Brentwood Comm. Ctr., 2505 S. Brentwood, 2-5pm. 314-965-3844, Check specific dates for program topics and/or changes. or aastl. Members, free; nonmembers, $3.
Every 2nd & 4th Sun.
Tarot & Psychic Readings with Susan Brockmeier. Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.

Intuitive Development (Basic Training) with Julia Marie, 1-4pm, Mystic Valley. Next Series starts Mar. 8th.

Every 3rd Sun.
Kirtan. Hindu mantra group singing led by Brad Smith, 7-9pm. Donations requested. Living Insights Ctr, 6361 Clayton Rd, St. Louis, MO 63105, 314-721-4455,

Tarot Reading w/Maggie, Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.

Every Sun.
Silent Meditation,4:30-5pm. Opportunity for discussion/instruction before and after. Donations ($10 suggested). Living Insights Ctr, 6361 Clayton Rd., Clayton, MO 63117, 314-721-4455, living

Intuitive Development Classes (Basic Training and Ongoing Intermediate Levels) with Julie Marie at Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336, mysticvalley online .com     top
stars head
© by Cassandra Joan Butler. Contents from the astrological column in the current issue of Pathfinder. Call 716-632-1004 or email her at about her offerings.

Cassandra Joan Butler's Stars Intuition and discernment are always needed in anticipating events. Use your own judgment as to the relevance of the information below to your situation.– Scroll down for your sign. . .

[Ed's note: Those who wish to further explore "stellar" possibilities, try looking up your Ascendant sign as well.]    top

  Aries Aries (Mar 20 – Apr 19)
The important solar eclipse on Mar. 20th is just what you need to propel you into self-reflection. Complete your 'inner journey' by committing to your chosen spiritual practice. As the sun shines upon you from the 21st thru mid-Apr., be open to a cycle of personal reinvention! Apr. begins with a powerful lunar eclipse on the 4th, helping you to discriminate within the realm of relationships. Every 18 years we align with our 'true partners'. Apr. is the month when you receive guidance regarding the company you keep. Financial concerns take center stage as Apr. comes to a close. Be willing to identify new ways to maximize security. Explore ways to turn a hobby into income.    top
  Taurus Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)
As Mar. unfolds, your attention turns to healing a friendship hurt. The eclipse of Mar. 20th is prime time to connect with a friend or, turn a romance into a stronger friendship. New spiritual ideas begin to bubble up from your unconscious as spring arrives; your psyche is talking! Sleep patterns may shift during this time to make way for the intense outpouring of unusual inspiration. This cycle peaks between Mar. 20th and Apr. 19th. Diplomacy is called for on the job during this time, as co-workers could act more aggressive. The lunar eclipse of Apr. 4th helps to put you back on the health habit track. As Apr. ends, you'll be feeling vigorous and confident, with a solar return.     top
  Gemini Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)
Mar. is your time to shine in the outer world. This year you may notice that more is expected from you, especially from work partners. The planet of responsibility, Saturn, shifts around Mar. 14th indicating a change in the way you operate. Flexibility of attitude is your best bet! By the 20th, another change occurs which propels you into the limelight. Graciously accept the accolades sent your way. From late Mar. thru mid-Apr., the focus is on friendship and networking. Push forward with a social initiative around the eclipse of Apr. 4th. As Apr. ends, you'll need to go within and spend some time alone to prepare for the busy season ahead.     top
  Cancer Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)
As Mar. begins, you'll be motivated to expand horizons thru travel, or learning something new. Focus is on growth and the pursuit of truth. The eclipse of Mar. 20th is a time your faith or philosophy will be tested, so, expect to practice what you preach. From Mar. 21st thru Apr. 20th explore new ways of taking responsibility in your job or vocation. The Apr. 4th eclipse offers you the possibility of an expanded leadership role. Work and health routines are subject to quick changes during this time, so be prepared to adjust to the changing environment. As Apr. ends, you shift your focus to networking and friendship, fun and relaxation.     top
  Cancer Leo (Jul 23 – aug 22)
From Mar. 1st thru the 20th, your attention will be upon self-and financial empowerment – an ideal time for you to invest, purchase big ticket items, as well as attend to your inner psychological growth. The eclipse of Mar. 20th is a turning point time; let go of the situations which are impeding growth. As spring arrives, your playful creative nature gets a boost as you seek travel, new learning or adventure. This stance continues thru Apr., with a sense of revelation around Apr. 4th's full moon eclipse. Trust your inner guidance. As Apr. ends, you'll be thrust into the career limelight; improve your "packaging," i.e., appearance and persona.     top
  Virgo Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 20)
March is your relationship month. The eclipse of Mar. 20th ushers in a turning point for your relationships. It's time to let go of attitudes, habits or those which are hindering your progress. Also, let go of lingering hurts and disappointments. Forgiveness is your keyword. As spring unfolds, you are inspired to work towards financial stability as an improved money plan is emphasized. Tension with an intimate comes to the surface for healing around Apr. 4th. Power struggles may fall in your path; use compassion to balance the conflict. Late Apr. represents a calmer period for you, complete with more introspection and philosophic reflection.     top
  Libra Libra (Sept 21 – Oct 20)
Get out your gym gear and practice what your healthy nature preaches. Mar. is a time for you to reignite your commitment to wellness thru exercise and positive eating habits. You'll get a kick start in this direction after Mar. 20th. You'll also be inspired to revamp work habits thru clutter clearing and reorganization. The full moon eclipse of Apr. 4th is a powerful one, as it sheds light on the way you manage yourself within relationships. Let go of codependent ways! As Apr. unfolds, you'll be working on balancing partnership concerns, as you examine the role of communication within your relationships. Late in Apr. is a good time to attend to take an inventory of your values, your money, and your skills.     top
  Scorpio Scorpio (Oct 21 – Nov 20)
Mar. 1st thru Mar. 19th is your time to play. Invite the creative muse of fun and frolic into your life as you open up to creative pursuits or the ripening of a romantic liaison. The solar eclipse of Mar. 20th will shed light on ways which do not serve you in relationships, as you let go of limiting beliefs. From Mar. 21st thru Apr. 20th, the energy shifts sharply to that of work. Expect your work schedule, setting, or skill set to change this year. The eclipse of Apr. 4th heralds a new, more productive pattern.As Apr. ends, relationship concerns multiply. A partner may have been feeling neglected by you; now is the time to reassure them of your love.     top
  Sagittarius Sagittarius (Nov 21 – Dec 20)
Anything related to your domestic life; home, family or security takes priority as Mar. begins. You may need to make some home improvements early in the month, or, at least attend to some redecorating projects. A family member requires more of your attention, especially around Mar. 20th. Your attitude is more carefree and joyful as spring arrives. From Mar. 20th thru Apr. 20th, you'll be in a feisty, fun mood with an eye to romance, sports, or leisure activities. You may dust off an old hobby and pursue it once again. If possible, take a mini-vacation! As Apr. ends, your sense of responsibility kicks in, so that work and health becomes your priorities.     top
  Capricorn Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 19)
The energy of early Mar. favors anything communication related; writing, teaching, paperwork and marketing. You'll be in the mood for lively discussions with others with a surprising twist around Mar. 20th. Be careful you don't antagonize anyone! The pace of your life picks up as Mar. unfolds. From late Mar. thru Apr. 20th, your attention turns to security, home and family. A home improvement project may be in the offering as well as a family get-together. An ideal time for either situation is around the full moon eclipse of Apr. 4th. As Apr. ends, your attention turns towards romance and creativity. Enjoy the early days of early spring and indulge your inner child.     top
  Aquarius Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)
As Mar. begins, you'll explore ways to increase your income. Use the eclipse energy of Mar. 20th to jump start a financial opportunity, and cut away any distracting situations. Turn to contacts to help you in your business pursuits; others are happy to work with you. Move forward on a lucrative opportunity. Late Mar. thru Apr. 20th is ideal for you to pursue learning, short trips and networking. Your mind is working overtime, so 'make to-do' lists! A surprise trip around Apr. 4th promises to be most satisfying. Put new ideas into practice as Apr. unfolds. The end of Apr. is a time of family. You may be inspired to attend to home re-modeling projects or redecorating.     top
  PISCES Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 21)
As the sun moves thru your sign from Mar. 1st thru the 20th, you'll exude greater charisma based upon a deeper sense of calmness. The solar eclipse on the 20th signals a time to let go of doubt and insecurity. You are entering a time of improved relationships which reflect your stronger confidence. The full moon of Apr. 4th offers you more information about ways to maximize your income thru identification of your special talents and skills. Be mindful of careful budgeting in the meantime! As Apr. comes to a close, you'll have a desire to communicate your new perspective. Writing and teaching is emphasized as well as taking short trips.     top

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