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Jan/Feb 2016 issue.
Special Events
Calendar of Events for St. Louis & Elsewhere
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Featured Articles and Special Mentions


Editorial: Piercing the Veil, pg 2
Prayers to Help us in 2016, pg 2
More about the Cover, pg 3
Pathfinder Info, pg 2
Francis' Miracles Mount Up, pg 3
Jailing the Bankers: Icelanders Show How It's Done, pg 3
Note to Supporters & Reader, pg 3
Simply Wonderful! -- The Surprising Benefits of Cinnamon -- How Drinking Lemon Water Can Transform your Life -- Ginger: 10,000x Better than Chemo, pg 4
Resolution Solution... through Hypnosis, pg 5
Create the Life You Want to Live this Year, pg 5
Detox for Better Health, pg 6
A Secret Society Primer: The Way to War, Pt 4 (concl.), pg 6
Trends for 2016 (astrologically), pg 7
A Grand Tableau for 2016, pg 7
CERN: Black Holes, Time Travel, Magnetic Monsters and the Search for Dark Matter: A Brief Account, pg 8
CERN – A Planet Killer?, pg 10
Over the Threshold (astrologically), pg 12
In the Stars, Jan/Feb 2016, pg 12 – see Stars below.
2016: Year of the Fire Monkey, and No. 9 , pg 13
First Rosicrucians in America, pg 13
Calendar of Events, Nov/Dec 2015, pg 14
Special Days in Jan/Feb 2016, pg 14
Planet/Sign Changes, pg 14
The Lord's Prayer: An Aramaic Translation, pg 14
Recurring Events, pg 15
Resource &Web Directory, pg 15
Support these Area Resources and "better life" providers, pg 15 Subscription Form, p 15
  Jan 2016
Feb 2016
Note from Rhonda Leifheit: Starting in January: "Classes By Design." For friends. Topics and times can be customized according to your schedule! Evenings, weekdays or weekends. Many of my classes are designed for 4 weeks, but can be adapted for shorter (or longer) sessions. Topic suggestions: Meditation, Stress Reduction, Tapping Techniques (EFT, Root Cause & beyond), Reincarnation, The World Beyond, Life Between Lives, Empaths & Sensitives, Dreams, and Developing Intuition. If you're interested in forming a group, contact me for details. 314-644-0641.

Jan 3, 17 - Sunday

> "Development Circle" with Julia Marie, 12pm-2:30pm. Mystic Valley. 314-645-3336.

Jan. 5 - Tuesday

> Tai Chi, Free Introductory class, taught by Valerie Rippey. Call Casa Bagus at 314-537-5304 for class information. Visit for more information or email info@ArtChi

Jan. 7 - Thursday

> "TYOSPAYE" Drum Circle, with Julia Duckels, 6-8pm Mystic Valley, donation. 314-645-3336.

Jan. 9 - Saturday

> "Explaining the Dowsing Chart II, by Ramon Grace." DVD. Gatewaydowsers, 1-4pm, St. Louis County Library Hdq. Visit gatewaydowsers. com for more.

> "Mystic Valley Psychic Fair," 7914 Manchester, 63143, 314-645-3336,

Jan. 10 - Sunday

> "Welcome to 2016!," with Nikki Davenport & Audria Gebhardt, AAStL, 2505 S. Brentwood Blvd., 63143. Nikki and Audria look at planetary rhythms in 2016 tied to our personal charts and the affect of the rhythms on the U.S. chart. Members, free; visitors, donation. Call Audria after 11am, 314-963-7914.

Jan. 16 - Saturday

> Reiki I/II Intensive Certification Course with Susan Brockmeier, 12-6pm. Mystic Valley. 314-645-3336.

Jan. 18 - Monday

> "What is happenning, astrologically, in 2016," with Linda Sherwin, Mystic Valley, Malewood, 7421 Manchester. Bring a Pathfinder. Call 314-645-3336.

Jan. 19 - Tuesday

> "Council of Solace," 7pm. Join us in sending out thoughts of peace and healing. 7:30pm, "Mysticism Unveiled." Learn what mysticism really is all about. Includes meditation exercises to help you awaken your inner-self. St. Louis Lodge, Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. 3225 So. Brentwood Blvd., Webster Groves, MO 63119. Free. Open to the Public. For information call 314-338-4471 or email missouri

> "Four Agreements," with Jene Costello, 6:30-8pm. Mystic Valley. 314-645-3336.

Jan 21 - Saturday

> "Dream Circle," with Julia Marie, 11am-2:30pm, Mystic Valley, 7241 Manchester, Maplewood, 63143.

Jan. 22 thru 24, Fri. thru Sun.

> "Learn to Ascend" Workshop with Chandika Ishaya. Fri. & Sat., 6-8:30pm; Sun., 24: 12-5pm. Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.

Jan. 23 - Saturday

> "Pegasus Productions Psychic Fair," 10a-6:30pm. LaSalle Rm., Gateway Ctr, Collinsville, Il. Booths, demonstrations, door prizes, readings, vendors. Free lectures every half hour with $7 adm. Call 812-925-3039. For more, visit pegasus or email or Krhs77dolphin

Jan. 26 - Tuesday

> "Spirituality Today Q&A," with Thomas Stratman, 6:30-8pm, Mystic Valley. Love Donation.

Jan. 27 - Wednesday

> "Mandala Moments," with Shambrai, 6-8pm, Mystic Valley.

Jan. 28 - Thursday(s)

> "Learning Astrology," with Linda Sherwin. Start of a 4/session class (every other Thurs.) Mystic Valley, Malewood, 7421 Manchester. Love Donation. Call 314-645-3336.

Jan. 31 - Sunday

> "Intuitive Development," Pt 1, with Julia Marie, 12-3pm, Mystic Valley.    top
NEW ENTRY! Feb. 4 thru 6
Added after publication of the Jan/Feb 2016 edition of Pathfinder
MOA 2016 Conference Feb. 4 thru 6, University Plaza Hotel and Conference Ctr, Springfield, Mo.
The Mid American Organic Conference 2016 will be held between February 4th and 6th, at the University Plaza Hotel and Conference Center, Springfield MO.

Feb. 10 - Wednesday

> "The Art of Comparing Charts to Work and Love More Effectively with Another," with Linda Sherwin. Mystic Valley. Love Donation.

Feb .16 - Tuesday

> "Four Agreements," with Jene Costello, 6:30-8pm, Mystic Valley.

Feb. 13 - Saturday

> "Exploring the Effects of Environmental Energies on the Energy Centers of the Body's Chakras and Meridians," by Faith Parrish. 1-4pm, St. Louis County Library Hdq. Visit gatewaydowsers. com for more.

> "Mystic Valley Psychic Fair," 7914 Manchester, 63143, 314-645-3336,

Feb. 14 - Sunday

> "Venus and Our Vibrational Resonance," Pt 1, with Ellen Bartin, AAStL. What brings us joy and happiness? Venus represents our core sense of inner balance, beauty and self-worth &#150; what we resonate with on a deep level. Ellen will explore how Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, colors what we attract both esthetically and in our relations. 2505 S. Brentwood Blvd, 63143. Members, free; visitors, donation. Call Audria after 11am, 314-963-7914.

Feb. 16 - Tuesday

> "Council of Solace," 7pm. Join us in sending out thoughts of peace and healing to the world in our Rosicrucian Temple. 7:30 pm, "The First Cycle of Activity in America." A visit to the days of the Kelpius Cave in Philadelphia, Rosicrucian Settlement in Ephrata, Penn. and the membership of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. This cycle of activity was from 1694 to 1800, St. Louis Lodge, Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. 3225 So. Brentwood Blvd., Webster Groves, 63119. Free. Open to the Public. For information call 314-338-4471 or email missouri@amorc.rosicrucian. org

Feb. 20 - Saturday

> Reiki I/II Intensive Certification Course with Susan Brockmeier, 12-6pm, Mystic Valley.    top

Recurring Calendar - Mon. thru Fri.
(Sat. & Sun. follows below)
Recurring Calendar - Mon. thru Fri.
(Sat. &Sun. follows below)
BY APPOINTMENT    Past-Life Clearings by Roxanne Sears. Gain greater understanding of your soul's purpose while addressing emotional and mental imbalances. Living Insights, 6361 Clayton Rd., 63117. Call 314-721-4455 to schedule appointment.

Green Time TV, a half hour in-depth exploration of environmental and social justice problems and solutions, appears at 12p, Sat. in St. Louis on Ch. 24-1; 8pm on Mon. on Ch. 24-2; Springfield on Ch. 39, Joplin on Ch. 36; and Marshfield on Ch. 17. > If you would like to help produce Green Time TV call 314-727-8554 or email    top

Every Mon.
Lenormand Readings (Intuitive/Past Life), Medium Messages (Certified Medium), Energy Healings with Julia Marie, Mystic Valley. 7241 Manchester, 63143, 314-645-3336.


Every Tues.
Spiritual Study Group, 7-8:30pm. A lively discussion of many spiritual topics. Donations (at least $10 suggested). Living Insights Center, 6361 Clayton Rd., Clayton, MO 63117, 314-721-4455, www.livinginsights. com.

Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form, taught by Valerie Rippey, 6-7pm. Casa Bagus, 6318 Clayton Rd. Slow down and learn this "meditation in movement" designed to integrate mind, body and spirit. Breathe, relax and build your inner energy force. Call 314-537-5304 or for more info.

Every 3rd Tues.
Four Agreements Discussion Group with Jene, 6:30-8pm. Mystic Valley, Love donation. 314-645-3336.


Every 1st Wed.
Pranic Healing Sessions, led by Dale Bilyeu and Lynn Maupin, 7-8:30 pm. Preceded by Twin Hearts Meditation at 6pm. Donations (at least $10 suggested). Living Insights Center, 6361 Clayton Rd., Clayton, MO 63117, 314-721-4455,

Every 3rd Wednesday
Feng Shui Adventure with Sam Shields, 6:30-8pm, $25, Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.

Every Wed.
Intuitive Aura readings with Janean. Mystic Valley, 3212 Laclede Sta. Rd., St. Louis, MO 63143, 314-645-3336.
Last Wed. of the Month
Mandala Moments with Shambrai, 6-8pm, $10. Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.

Every 1st & 3rd Thursdays
Drum Circles, Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336. mysticvalleyonline. com

Every Thurs.
Reiki/Healing Circle, 7-11pm. The area's largest weekly healing energy Circle (all modalities welcomed). Limited to healers. Donations (at least $5 suggested), 314-721-4455, 6361 Clayton Rd., Clayton, MO 63117,
Tarot Readings & Reiki with Susan Brockmeier. Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.
St. Louis Transmission Meditation group. Join in to raise the vibration of humanity and the earth. Meeting starts promptly at 7pm; no one admitted after that time, but attendees may leave at any time afterwards. Call Bob at 314-677-0495 for info.
Hypnosis with Bree, Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.


Every 1st Friday

Guided Crystal Meditation, Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.
Every Friday

Every 1st & 3rd Friday
Readings (Lenormand or Intuitive), Medium Messages (Certified Medium), Energy Therapy & Chakra Balancing with Julie Marie. Mystic Valley, 7241 Manchester, 63143, 314-645-3336.


Every 1st Sat.
A.R.E. - St. Louis Healing Circle gathers for prayer at the Florissant Br. of the St. Louis Public Library, 195 New Florissant Rd. S., 314-921-7200. Contact Myrna McKee at 618-585-6722.

Every 2nd Sat.
Mystic Valley's Consultant Open House. Sample gifted readers, psychics, medical intuitive, Reiki and massage mini-treatments, etc., 3212 Laclede Sta. Rd., St. Louis, MO 63143, 314-645-3336.

NOTE CHANGE OF MEETING DATE (> The Gateway Society of Dowsers NOTE: The Gateway Dowsers will meet on the 2nd Sat. from Jan - Jun of 2016. Monthly meeting, explores a variety of dowsing interests, 1-4pm. St. Louis County Library, 1640 S. Lindbergh Blvd. Contact Faith at 618-876-1771 for information or visit
Every 2nd Sunday [Unless otherwise noted.]
Astrological Assoc. of St. Louis (AAStL) offers classes and workshops on various topics each month. Brentwood Comm. Ctr., 2505 S. Brentwood, 2-5pm (unless otherwise noted). Note: Meetings return to the Brentwood Comm. Center. Contact Audria at 314-963-7914, visit Guests, donation. Check dates for program topics.

Every 2nd & 4th Sunday
Tarot & Psychic Readings with Susan Brockmeier. Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.

Every 3rd Sunday
Kirtan. Hindu mantra group chanting led by Brad Smith and Mike Webb. 7-9pm. Donations ($10 suggested). Living Insights Ctr, 6361 Clayton Rd., Clayton, MO 63117, 314-721-4455, living
Every Sunday
Silent Meditation, 4:30-5pm. Opportunity for discussion/instruction before and after. Donations ($10 suggested). Living Insights Ctr, 6361 Clayton Rd., Clayton, MO 63117, 314-721-4455, living

Every Other Sunday
Intuitive Development class with Julia Marie, Mystic Valley.
Lenormand Lover's Group with Julia Marie, Mystic Valley.

Biomat with Reiki, at Yoga Works, (7919 Big Bend, Webster). $25/hr, for Sacred Valley Initiative in Peru plus Donation to Center. Call Cathy for appt. 314-766-1025.


MOA* 2016 Conference
Feb. 4 thru 6, Thurs. thru Sat., 2016
*Missouri Organic Organization
Feb. 4, Thursday    top
Topics include: Grain production, Livestock production, Commercial Vegetable production, High- tunnel small fruits and vegetable production, Sustainable living skills, Culinary and medicinal plants, and lots more!
Keynote speakers:
< > Dr. Arden Anderson, DO, "Healthy Soils, Healthy Bodies"
< > Dr. John Ikerd, "Healthy Soils, Healthy Economies, Healthy Communities"

Feb. 5, Friday
The "Top Chef Competition," featuring 6 of the premier chefs from St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Columbia, scheduled for Friday. Visit for more. . .

Feb. 6, Saturday    top
Networking event, connecting organic farmers/ producers with buyers and marketing managers from regional and national food stores, chefs, food distributors, etc.
Consumer Health Education Seminary, open to the general public. The discussion will focus on organic foods and their connection to a healthy diet and balanced nutrition. — The session will be presented by dieticians and medical physicians and will include definitions and discussion regarding "health food terminology." Our guests will learn about the difference between organic, non- GMO, natural foods, free range, cage free, etc.

   $175 for all three days. Single day pass, $75
   Irina Stoenescu- Marketing Manager
space or call 573-619-9139
Special MOA Conference block price of $84 (plus tax) per night at The University Plaza Hotel & Convention Center, Springfield, MO.
Mention the MOA Conference and ask for the special hotel lodging price.

Workshop conducted by Botanical Explorer, Joseph Simcox, on "Raising Sexy, Exotic Crops for Fun and Profit." — emphasizing plant selections suitable for farmers in Mo. and surrounding states; advising on propagation material and sources. < > See the Special Mentions link above.    top

Special Days in
Jan & Feb 2016    top
New Years' Day
Jan 1
Martin Luther King, Jr's Day (America) Jan 18 (obsv.)
Candlemas/Imbolc / St. Bridgit's Day/ Ground Hogs' Day Feb 2
Chinese (Asian) New Year Feb 8
Mardi Gras (Catholic) Feb 9
St. Valentine's Day Feb. 14

Planet - Sign Changes    top
Mars enters Scorpio Jan 3
Mercury retro (1 Aquarius) Jan 5
Jupiter retro (23 Virgo) Jan 7
Venus enters Capricorn Jan 23
Mercury direct (15 Capricorn) Jan 25
[No planet/sign changes in February]  
NODES CHANGE SIGNS: N. Node, Virgo, S. Node, Pisces
JAN: 26-24 ° — FEB: 24-22 °
stars head
© by Cassandra Joan Butler. Contents from the astrological column in the current issue of Pathfinder. Call 716-632-1004 or email her at about her offerings. NEW WEBSITE:

Cassandra Joan Butler's Stars Intuition and discernment are always needed in anticipating events. Use your own judgment as to the relevance of the information below to your situation.– Scroll down for your sign. . .

[Ed's note: Those who wish to further explore "stellar" possibilities, try looking up your Ascendant sign as well.]    top

  Aries Aries (Mar 20 – Apr 19)
A new year's resolution for you may be to develop a more consistent health routine. Attending exercise or yoga classes, and eating smart will be an easier goal to achieve. The new moon of Jan. 9th may help to focus which career path to take, as your authority is being tested on the job. The need to network arises for you late Jan. thru Feb. 18th. New acquaintances become friends and friends become even closer. This social trend continues throughout Feb. As the month closes a full moon on the 22nd stimulates your psychic ability. Meditations, dreams and inner reflections guide decision-making. The last eleven days of Feb. indicates a time for you to rest and relax.    top
  Taurus Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)
Your new year's resolution is all about fun! The creative and enjoyment sector of your chart is being activated inspiring you to make leisure time a priority in the year. The last two years have been especially draining due to another's demands, so it's now your time to enjoy! Jan. begins with a sense of peace and positive expectation. Late Jan. thru Feb. 18th is your time to be noticed; take the necessary steps to sharpen your image. A creative solution can be found between the conflicting demands of home and career after Feb. 15th. Friendship matters most as the month ends.     top
  Gemini Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)
Resolve to make home or domestic improvements in the new year. This could be the year you move, remodel, or simply create a more peaceful home. Meanwhile, the first 19 days of the new year is a time to strengthen your psychological and spiritual self. Long term financial concerns also take center stage in Jan. The energy shifts on Jan. 20th as you'll want to expand your world thru travel, learning and philosophical bantering. New understanding arises around the new moon of Feb. 8th. Enjoy the eccentric flow of Feb.'s energy! As the month ends you'll be recognized as a leader within your community or career.     top
  Cancer Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)
A new year's resolution for you may simply be to speak your truth and promote your ideas. The luck planet, Jupiter, is favoring your communications sector in 2016. At the same time, Jan. is your best time to explore relationships. The new moon of the 9th helps to focus your emotions regarding a close connection . You'll be inspired to let go of whatever needs to be eliminated from your life around the new moon of Feb. 8th so that fresh positive experiences can enter your life. Communications with others could be jumbled and difficult during the first ten days of Feb. Emotional issues will tend to settle down and be more relaxed and predictable as Feb. ends.     top
  Cancer Leo (Jul 23 – aug 22)
The new year is a year to improve your income. You may be inspired to turn a hobby into a business, or, simply take an inventory of your skills. Meanwhile, Jan. is a personal power time to commit to any goals related to self-improvement and health. This is because the sun is moving thru your sixth sector of health and work. This is also an organization time of the year for you. Strive to improve the efficiency of your work habits and you will be pleased at how successful you can be. From Jan. 22nd thru Feb. 18th your focus turns to relationships. Reflect on whatever comes up for you around the new moon of Feb. 8th. Partnerships could deepen or end during this time. Feb. ends with a focus on long-term finances.     top
  Virgo Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 20)
Resolve to become the author of your own life in 2016! This is your year to expand, grow, and take personal risks to gain great rewards. Overall, Jan. is a pleasant month, a time to indulge in a favorite activity. Creative pursuits and romantic flirtations take center stage especially during the second weekend of the month. From late Jan. thru Feb. 17th, the focus shifts to work productivity. Investigate using new tools or protocols to assist you to work smarter not harder. The full moon of Feb. 22nd invites you to open your compassionate heart to another. Partnerships can deepen as the month ends.     top
  Libra Libra (Sept 21 – Oct 20)
The theme for your new year is spirituality. The energy favors you turning inward during 2016 as you explore your many intuitive and creative gifts. Home is where your heart is as Jan. begins. Resolve to improve your domestic situation; clean, remodel, and fix what needs repair either literally or figuratively. Family members could assert added pressure around Jan. 16th. Remain focused on your responsibilities without losing yourself. As you organize your inner and outer life you lay the foundation for greater success. Late Jan. thru Feb. 19th is a fun time for you; relaxation, creativity and romantic connections. The new moon of Feb. 8th is a time to create some romantic sparks! Late Feb. begins an empowered time of work success.     top
  Scorpio Scorpio (Oct 21 – Nov 20)
As 2016 begins you are resolved to expand your network of contacts for business and pleasure. Friendships will go thru quite a transformation this year; new ones being formed as previously close connections fade away. Jan. is a positive month for you to attend to any communications projects including writing and teaching.From late Jan. thru Feb. 19th the focus is on home and family. You'll notice that it will be easier to detach from family dramas in order to fulfill your own dreams. Feb. ends with you taking some time for yourself to enjoy some rest and relaxation.     top
  Sagittarius Sagittarius (Nov 21 – Dec 20)
2016 is your year to bask in the limelight and move up the career ladder. Leadership opportunities abound although these breakthrus will be tied to greater responsibility. From Jan. first thru the 22nd your priority will be on ways to maximize your income, as you become more responsible to your own aspirations and desires. This is an excellent time for you to tap into an interest or hobby and transform it into a money-making venture. Stay clear in your intention. From late Jan. thru Feb. 19th your focus turns towards communications, marketing and travel. Exchanges of ideas are inspirational and uplifting. Late Feb. is your time to smooth over family tensions.     top
  Capricorn Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 19)
Resolve to take that trip you've always wanted to take in 2016. The travel planet is moving thru your travel sector this year; a once every twelve year opportunity. During this birthday time you'll notice a renewal of will power and confidence. Take a leadership role in your business or personal life. Others will turn to you for guidance and wisdom. The quarter moon of Jan. 16th may stir up a disagreement or two between you and a close partner. Don't allow your ego to torpedo an otherwise positive connection. From late Jan. thru Feb. 19th, the focus is on money, resources and values. Be open to explore ways to maximize your earning potential. Late Feb. is your time to plan, organize and speak your mind!     top
  Aquarius Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)
This new year represents a time of personal transformation. You will likely feel the stir of powerful changes within you in 2016 designed to strip away pretense and help you create a more authentic self. Jan.'s energies support the year's overall theme as you'll be more attracted to spiritual practices; meditation and prayer. From late Jan. thru Feb. 19th you'll be interested in maximizing your gifts and income potential. The new moon on Feb. 8th helps you to focus on your goals. Ask for that raise you've been considering or start a new lucrative business. Late Feb. favors exploration, teaching and travel.     top
  PISCES Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 21)
Your resolution involves the dance of relationship. 2016 is your year to maximize what you want in a partner ; improving an existing relationship of finding a new significant other. Jan. is your time to network with others for fun and profit. Friendship takes center stage until Jan. 20th when your attention turns inward. Develop your intuition! Late Jan. thru Feb. 19th is a time for you to perfect your meditative practice. Spending time alone in nature will be especially beneficial. Observe your dreams for inner messages as well. As the sun enters you sign in late Feb. you feel more confident. Others will recognize your powerful compassionate gifts.     top

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