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Jul/Aug 2014 issue.
Special Events
Calendar of Events for St. Louis & Elsewhere
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Featured Articles and Special Mentions

Editorial: Project New Broom (First Things First), pg 2
Pathfinder Info, pg 2
Stabilizing Climate, Energy for All, and an Inclusive Economy, pg 3
Extreme Levels of Monsanto's Roundup in Food, pg 4
Moms to the EPA: Recall Roundup, pg 4
Chinese Herb plus Iron Effective Against Cancer Cells, pg 5
Who ARE the Koch Brothers?, pg 6
Capitalism? Socialism?, pg 7
Bilderberg Objectives
Message from Matthew (Channel) , pg 7
"Sun Gas" Breakthrough, pg 8
"The Soul of Money", pg 9
Electromagnetic Anomalies, pg 9
Tribute to John Peter ("Jack") Waluska, pg 9
Did You See This? (News snippets), pg 10
Germany Generates 74% of Its Energy from Renewables, pg 10
4 Ways to Evolve Beyond Capitalism, pg 11
More on the Rays: Ray 4, pg 12
In the Stars, Jul/Aug 2014, pg 12 – see Stars below.
Quote: Einstein, pg 13
Press Release: New Yoga Center in Webster Groves (YogaWorks), pg 13
Correct & Incorrect Tree Mulching Methods, pg 13
Calendar of Events for Nov/Dec 2013 and Jan/Feb 2014, pg 14
Quote: Heraclitus, pg 14
Note to Readers, pg 14
Special Days in Jul/Aug 2014, pg 14
New, Full Moon & Planetary Stations, pg 14
Recurring Events, pg 15
Resource &Web Directory, pg 15
Support these Area Resources and "better life" providers, pg 15 Subscription Form, p 15
  July 2014
Aug 2014
Jun. 30 thru Jul. 12, Mon. thru Sat.
> "John of God Tours, Brazil." A unique opportunity to experience healing with John of God, who has helped heal many thousands. Important note: Anyone traveling to Brazil must have a Brazilian Visa. Application for the visa needs to be completed by the third week in May. A flight itinerary must accompany the visa application, so plane ticket should be purchased prior to making the Visa application. Call Shirley at 636-225-3881 or email She will be happy to take photos/prayers for the prayer basket.

Jul. 4th – Independence Day

Jul. 6 - Sunday
> "Angel Mastery Class with AA Michael, Hope, Faith, Gabriel and Raphael," 10am-5:30pm. Taylorville, IL (100 mi from STL). Add to your Reiki or use with any healing or intuitive practice. Facilitated by Marcia McMahon, internationally known Reiki Master and Intuitive channeler for the Archangels and Ascended Masters. Skype support and networking with other light workers and healers. Contact marciadi@newwave or 217-391-6701,

Jul. 10 - Thursday
> "Inner Smile Meditation," with Valerie Rippey, Mystic Valley, 7241 Manchester, 314-645-3336.

Jul. 11 - Friday
> "Let Them Eat Art Festival," in Downtown Maplewood.

Jul. 13 - Sunday
> "Generations, an Astrological View," with Nicki Davenport. AAStL, Brentwood Comm. Center, 2505 S. Brentwood Blvd. Come experience an indepth look at the generations signaled by the outer planet cycles of Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus. We will start with the "Missionary Generation" and move through to the "New Silent Generation" being born now. Contact Audria at 314-963-7914 after 12noon for more or visit

Jul. 15 - Tuesday
> "Council of Solace," Rosicrucian Lodge, 7pm. Join us in sending out thoughts of peace and healing followed by "Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians," 7:30pm. A detailed look at the symbols that veiled secret teaching of the Rosicrucians in the 16th and 17th centuries. Includes meditation periods on each symbol. St. Louis Lodge, Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. 3225 S. Brentwood Blvd., Webster Groves, MO 63119. Free. Open to the Public. For Information Call 314-338-4471 or email

Jul. 17 - Thursday
> "Empaths, Intuitives and Sensitives," with Rhonda Leifheit, 7-9pm for 4 weeks. Deepen your appreciation of these valuable traits; learn ways to prevent energy drain; utilize your strengths. $80 (Early bird rate $75 paid by 7/10.) 2726 Ellendale Ave., 63143. Call 314-644-0641,

Jul. 19 & 20, Sat. & Sun.
> Pegasus Productions' Psychic Fair, LaSalle Room, Gateway Center, Collinsville, IL. Free lectures every half hour (with $7 adm.) Booths, prizes, readings, demonstrations, aura photography and more. Vendors call 812-925-3039, or,

Jul. 19 - Saturday
> "Dowsing Insights [from] Raymon Grace," DVD presentation, sponsored by the Gateway Society of Dowsers, St. Louis County Library HDQ. For further details, please check the website,

Jul. 20 - Sunday
> Memorial Service for John Peter ("Jack") Waluska, 4pm, at the Ethical Society, 9001 Clayton Road, St. Louis.    top
Aug. 5 - Tuesday
> "I Ching as a Spiritual Tool," with Rhonda Leifheit, 7-9pm for 2 weeks. Learn to use this ancient Chinese "Book of Changes" for wise guidance to difficult questions and decisions facing you. Soul-Esteem Center ( $50 (Early bird rate $40 paid by Aug.1.) Call 314-275-7685.

Aug. 6 - Wednesday
> "The Mindful Traveler," with Rhonda Leifheit, 7-9pm for 3 weeks. Create your own travelogue with "The Mindful Traveler's Journal"; deepen appreciation of past travels and derive more from future trips; explore the spiritual gifts of travel. $65 includes journal. (Early bird rate $59 paid by Aug. July 30.) 2726 Ellendale Ave., 63143. Call 314-644-0641,

Aug. 10 - Sunday
> "Neptune," presented by Bill Duvendack and Roger Boehner, AAStL, 2-5pm. Brentwood Comm. Center, 2505 S. Brentwood Blvd. Even though Neptune is a trans-personal planet, it can have quite a sway on the life of a person. Roger and Bill will show why it is an important planet to be aware, and work with its energy. Contacts to the Midheaven and addictions, among other things, will be revealed in this presentation. Contact Audria at 314-963-7914 after 12noon for more info or visit

Aug. 19 - Tuesday
> "Council of Solace," Rosicrucian Lodge, 7pm. Join us in sending out thoughts of peace and healing followed by "The Power of Meditation," 7:30pm. Learn how to attune with the cosmic and use its power to master your life. Includes meditation exercises you use daily in your life. St. Louis Lodge, Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. 3225 S. Brentwood Blvd., Webster Groves, MO 63119. Free. Open to the Public. For more information, call 314-338-4471 or email < >    top

Recurring Calendar - Mon. thru Fri.
(Sat. & Sun. follows below)
Recurring Calendar - Mon. thru Fri.
(Sat. &Sun. follows below)
BY APPOINTMENT    Past-Life Clearings by Roxanne Sears. Gain greater understanding of your soul's purpose while addressing emotional and mental imbalances. Living Insights, 6361 Clayton Rd., 63117. Call 314-721-4455 to schedule appointment.    top

Every Mon.
> Yo Yo Yoga with Holly Ohmes, Mystic Valley, 7241 Manchester Rd., Maplewood, MO 63143, 314-645-3336,

[NEW] Readings (Intuitive & Past Life), Medium Messages, Spirit Guide Drawings and Energy work with Julie Marie @ Mystic Valley, 7241 Manchester, 314-645-3336,


Every Tues.
Spiritual Study Group, 7-8:30pm. A lively discussion of many spiritual topics. Donations (at least $10 suggested). Living Insights Center, 6361 Clayton Rd., Clayton, MO 63117, 314-721-4455,

>Kansas City, Mo: Transmission Meditation Group. This simple meditation is a form of service to the world while simultaneously promoting personal spiritual transformation. Call Ken at 913-980-0652.

> Reiki Circle with Mary Brown, Mystic Valley, 7241 Manchester Rd., 314-645-3336.


Every 1st Wed.
Pranic Healing Sessions, led by Dale Bilyeu and Lynn Maupin, 7-8:30 pm. Preceded by Twin Hearts Meditation at 6pm. Donations (at least $10 suggested). Living Insights Center, 6361 Clayton Rd., Clayton, MO 63117, 314-721-4455,

Every 1st & 3rd Wednesdays
> Numerology & Astrology Consultations, with Katharina Wehrli. Mystic Valley, 4-7pm. 7241 Manchester Rd., 314-645-3336.

Every 2nd & 4th Wednesdays
> Sanctuary with Mark Biehl, featuring Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, chimes, indigenous flutes, and keyboard atmospheres. Also including breathwork, chanting, and guided reading. 8-9 pm, $15. Casa Bagus, 6318 Clayton Rd, St Louis, MO 63117, 314-537-5304,

Every Wed.
Intuitive Aura readings with Janean. Mystic Valley, 3212 Laclede Sta. Rd., St. Louis, MO 63143, 314-645-3336.
Every Wednesday & Sunday
> Springfield, Mo: Share Transmission Meditation meetings at 7pm. Call 417-832-0011 for more details.

Every 1st & 3rd Thursdays
> Drum Circles, Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336. mysticvalleyonline. com

Every Thurs.
Tarot Readings &Reiki with Susan Brockmeier. Mystic Valley, 3212 Laclede Sta. Rd., St. Louis, MO 63143, 314-645-3336.
Reiki/Healing Circle, 7-11pm. The area's largest weekly healing energy Circle (all modalities welcomed). Limited to healers. Donations (at least $5 suggested), 314-721-4455, 6361 Clayton Rd., Clayton, MO 63117,
St. Louis Transmission Meditation group. Join in to raise the vibration of humanity and the earth. Meeting starts promptly at 7pm; no one admitted after that time, but attendees may leave at any time afterwards. Call Bob at 314-677-0495 for info.
Hypnosis with Bree, Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.


1st Friday & 3rd Sunday

Guided Crystal Meditation, Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.
Clairvoyant,Tarot Readings &Reiki with Susan Brockmeier, Mystic Valley, 12-7p (see Thursdays).



Every 1st Sat.
A.R.E. - St. Louis Healing Circle gathers for prayer at the Florissant Br. of the St. Louis Public Library, 195 New Florissant Rd. S., 314-921-7200. Contact Myrna McKee at 618-585-6722.

Sound Healing and Readings at Yoga Works (in Webster) with Julie Marie 314-449-1163 or 314-399-9642, 7919 Big Bend. Also by appointment.

Satsang at Earthlit Sanctuary in Wildwood, MO. 4-6pm. Donation based, more info at RSVP Katharina 636-527-9939,

Every 2nd Sat.
Mystic Valley's Consultant Open House. Sample gifted readers, psychics, medical intuitive, Reiki and massage mini-treatments, etc., 3212 Laclede Sta. Rd., St. Louis, MO 63143, 314-645-3336.

Every 3rd Sat.
The Gateway Society of Dowsers monthly meeting explores a variety of dowsing interests, 1-4pm. St. Louis County Library, 1640 S. Lindbergh Blvd. Contact 314-563-0079 for information or visit

Intuitive Readings/Energy work with Julie Marie at Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.

Every 4th Saturday
> Wicca Discussion Group, Mystic Valley, 7241 Manchester, 314-645-3336.

Every Saturday
> Biomat with Reiki, at Yoga Works, (7919 Big Bend, Webster). $25/hr, for Sacred Valley Initiative in Peru plus Donation to Center. Call Cathy for appt. 314-766-1025.

Every 1st Sun.
Coping with Illness: An Alternative Support Group featuring various healing modalities and guest speakers who have won battles against chronic illness. Facilitated by Janis Yakopovic. Mystic Valley, 3212 Laclede Sta. Rd., St. Louis, MO 63143, 314-645-3336.
Every 2nd Sun. (Unless otherwise noted)
Astrological Assoc. of St. Louis (AAStL) offers classes and workshops on various topics each month. Learn to use this celestial wisdom tool. Brentwood Comm. Ctr., 2505 S. Brentwood, 2-5pm. 314-965-3844, Check specific dates for program topics and/or changes. or aastl. Members, free; nonmembers, $3.
Every 2nd & 4th Sun.
Tarot & Psychic Readings with Susan Brockmeier. Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.

Every 3rd Sun.
Kirtan. Hindu mantra group singing led by Brad Smith, 7-9pm. Donations requested. Living Insights Ctr, 6361 Clayton Rd, St. Louis, MO 63105, 314-721-4455,

Tarot Reading w/Maggie, Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336.

Every Sun.
Silent Meditation,4:30-5pm. Opportunity for discussion/instruction before and after. Donations ($10 suggested). Living Insights Ctr, 6361 Clayton Rd., Clayton, MO 63117, 314-721-4455, living

Intuitive Development Classes (Basic Training and Ongoing Intermediate Levels) with Julie Marie at Mystic Valley, 314-645-3336, mysticvalley online .com     top
stars head
© by Cassandra Joan Butler. Contents from the astrological column in the current issue of Pathfinder. Call 716-632-1004 or email her at about her offerings.

Cassandra Joan Butler's Stars Intuition and discernment are always needed in anticipating events. Use your own judgment as to the relevance of the information below to your situation.– Scroll down for your sign. . .

[Ed's note: Those who wish to further explore "stellar" possibilities, try looking up your Ascendant sign as well.]    top

  Aries Aries (Mar 20 – Apr 19)
As July begins, your focus is on the family. You desire to stabilize your domestic situation, improve your relationships with family, and maybe spruce up your living quarters. The full moon on July 12th sheds light on what practical steps needs to be done. Meanwhile, some of the irritating challenges with partners begin to release. From late July through August your creativity shines. The energy in August supports fun, romance, and playfulness. An unresolved friendship issue could be balanced after August 10th. As the summer begins to wane your attention to detail at work increases. Late August favors skill enhancement, health improvement and simple organization.    top
  Taurus Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)
A mood of optimism colors your thinking as July unfolds. You enjoy a can-do feeling which can serve you well as you organize your environment. A change of perspective is in the offering, especially, around the weekend of the 12th, thanks to some lively dialog. You feel mentally sharp and determined to speak your mind. Late July through the third week of Aug. highlights your time of the year to nurture family members, and make home improvements. Jupiter shines on your home, pushing you to make expansive changes. You'll have the energy to complete an important domestic goal project by Aug. 10th. As Aug. winds down, you want to take a break. It is a great time for a vacation or retreat.     top
  Gemini Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)
Your income is likely to make a shift as July begins. Possibly increase cash flow by turning a hobby into a part- time job. You also enjoy greater clarity in what you find most meaningful in life as July unfolds. The full moon of July 12th inspires you to make financial adjustments. From late July through Aug. 22nd, attention turns to marketing, communication and short trips. You feel like getting your schedule organized. You could hear from friends or relatives who have been at a distance emotionally or physically. The week of Aug. 13th is suggestive of travel or learning. Late August ends with you wanting to make some home improvements.     top
  Cancer Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)
July's focus is on your needs, hopes and desires. You have gained confidence and independence over the past year or so. During the month, you will effectively communicate to others the new, improved, and stronger you! The full moon of July 10th could stir up some controversy with your partner, so maintain a spirit of compromise. Financial issues are a priority for you from late July through Aug. 22nd. Jupiter's shift into your financial sector will inspire new money making ideas as you make improvements in you long-term savings plan. As August ends, you'll be motivated to take care of paperwork and communications concerns.     top
  Cancer Leo (Jul 23 – aug 22)
July is a reflective month for you when you'll want to attend to your inner life through meditation, prayer and retreat. The full moon of July 10th could trigger an internal epiphany of sorts; be open to clear guidance. Meanwhile, Jupiter's shift into your sign triggers a renewed sense of optimism and risk-taking. From late July through Aug. 22nd your physical vitality is accentuated as you exude strength, charisma and confidence. Your birth month is an ideal time of the year to set your priorities for the year ahead. Personal aspirations will be favored over the next twelve months, so set your sights high. As Aug. comes to a close, you'll be motivated to get your financial house in order.     top
  Virgo Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 20)
As July begins, your relationship with friends and groups takes center stage. Networking is emphasized for fun and business through July with the weekend of July 12th being especially dynamic. You may also find yourself considering a new overall life plan as your friends and associates change. From late July through Aug. 23rd, you crave retreat, relaxation and reflection. This is an ideal time for you to explore your spiritual yearnings. Feed the soul so your physical health is improved during these summer weeks. Jupiter's entry into your spiritual sector signals a time of introspection for you over the next twelve months. The last week of August is when the sun shifts into your sign which helps restore your physical strength and renews your confidence.     top
  Libra Libra (Sept 21 – Oct 20)
July is your 'career month'. and this particular July is a good one to review all the new opportunities and positive acclaim. you have enjoyed over the past twelve months. Now is the time to make decisions about what your heart is truly asking you to accomplish in the world. The full moon of the 12th is an ideal time to make this determination. As July ends through late Aug., your focus turns to networking, coalition building, and just plain old fun! Use this time to enjoy the fruits of your efforts as you create memories with good friends. The full moon of Aug. 10th provides clarity in a romantic relationship. Late Aug. is an ideal time for you to take a vacation, or at least a break from the routine.     top
  Scorpio Scorpio (Oct 21 – Nov 20)
As July begins, you have a desire to travel or learn a new skill. The focus is on expanding your life in an uplifting, philosophical or religious manner. Your sense of adventure is magnified through July 22nd. Consider new experiences and social contacts. As July ends, your focus turns towards career and reputation. Lay down the foundation for a stronger work life in August, especially around the full moon of the 10th. The next twelve months will be especially exciting in the career department; new opportunities abound. You'll be able to release and heal some of the stresses of the past as August unfolds. The last week of August is a time to expand your social network.     top
  Sagittarius Sagittarius (Nov 21 – Dec 20)
July triggers an urge for you to focus upon self- improvement, personal growth and empowerment. Be open to making the emotional, psychological or financial changes necessary to improve the spiritual foundation of your life. The full moon of the 12th could coincide with a power struggle; be willing to use your characteristic humor and wisdom to deflect any hard feelings. As July ends through Aug. 23rd, your focus shifts towards adventure, travel and learning. You're motivated to expand your knowledge base in order to enhance your life's work. Teaching is also a possibility for you. As Aug. comes to a close, you'll set your sights upon career matters.     top
  Capricorn Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 19)
July is considered to be your relationship time of the year. You'll be evaluating close connections so that by the weekend of the 12th you'll be able to make a decision regarding a partnership; a new beginning or an ending. The energy is ripe for you to learn about you through the eyes of another. Late July through Aug. 21st is a time to explore your many gifts and resources. As Jupiter moves into your 'power house' you'll be motivated to explore the depths of your personal stamina. Expect to make some positive changes either financially, psychologically, or emotionally over the next twelve months. As Aug. comes to a close, you'll be inspired to take a trip or learn something new.     top
  Aquarius Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)
Early July is your time to get serious about your health and work routine. Old negative habits may arise which require your focus and determination to correct. The full moon of July 12th signals a time for you to release unproductive habits at the workplace or in your everyday routine. Late July through Aug. 22nd is your time to balance partnership and relationship concerns. Your close loved ones may require more time and attention. This is a giving time of the year for you, especially around Aug. 10th. The energy is also supporting healing attitudes at home. As Aug. comes to a close, you'll be motivated to analyze your financial situation and make concrete improvements.     top
  PISCES Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 21)
July signals a time for you to embrace the creative muse within! A special project you've been working on over the past year gets a boost. Now is the time to move forward towards completion. The energy favors fun, romance, and playfulness during July, especially around the 12th of the month. From late July through Aug. 22nd, your focus will be on work and health. Launch any healthy practices during this time for maximum success. Jupiter's movement into your 'self-care' sector will assist you in your health goals over the next twelve months. You'll be also interested in adding to your skill set at work. As Aug. comes to a close, relationship concerns take priority. You'll be able to move forward on a business or personal commitment as the summer winds down.     top

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